In a Lonely Place // Part Two

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A group of us including Archie, Jughead, Ronnie, the Pussycat girls, and a bunch of other kids joined Betty in the forest to search for her sister

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A group of us including Archie, Jughead, Ronnie, the Pussycat girls, and a bunch of other kids joined Betty in the forest to search for her sister. It was absolutely freezing outside but we knew the clock was ticking on us, and Polly. Betty gave us the lowdown on all the locations Polly had connections to. It seemed the forest was dead in the middle of all of them so if Polly was leaving, we'd find her tracks.

To my surprise, both of Betty's parents were out here searching as well. We broke up into groups. Ronnie and Kevin took off one way while I stayed with Jughead. Archie and Betty walked in the front of our pack until we met back up with the other groups.

Suddenly, all searching came to a stop as the Blossom demons stood in front of us. Penelope had a glare fixed on her ugly face as she stepped forward.

"Alice Cooper, where is she? Where's Polly?"

Mrs. Cooper stepped up, her poker face holding strong, "You think if I knew that, I'd be out here with the mosquitoes?"

Yeah, me too Mrs. Coop.

"Face facts, Mommy Dearest, Polly killed Jason," Cheryl stabbed.

Her father was next to dish out an insult towards the Coopers, "She escaped from the asylum once, who's to say she didn't before...say, the day Jason got murdered?"

"The noose is tightening around your murdering daughter's neck. I know it, Sheriff Keller knows it-"

"Hold on now-" Sheriff Keller tried to interrupt but we all knew Penelope was right. Keller always took the Blossoms word.

"And I promise you," Penelope continued, "When we find her, and we will find her, the entire town of Riverdale will know, too."

Most of me wanted Alice Cooper to smack the living hell out of Penelope Blossom at that moment. Sadly, she didn't. Instead, she pulled the remaining members of her family together and decided that they would reveal the truth about Polly before the Blossoms could twist their evilness into it.

The mother decided the best place to do it would be on the front step of the town church. She stood front and center, her husband and one daughter flanking her on both sides. Cameras were zoomed in on the family as Alice started talking.

"There's been a swirl of rumors today about our daughter, Polly. And we're standing here to tell you that they're all false. Yes, Polly was seeking treatment in a private care facility, and she was under strict observation even at the time of Jason Blossom's death. When she found out about the murder, she was beside herself with grief. You see, my daughter, Polly is pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby."

Gasps and murmurs ran through the crowd at the news. A secret that the Cooper parents had attempted to hold on to for months was now public. Jughead's hand tangled itself in my own as I tucked myself between him and Archie. My fingers had gone numb at this point and the boys radiated body heat so why not jump right in. Betty's eyes met mine before her mom started talking again.

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