The Lost Weekend // Part One

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"Savanna, get in here right now

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"Savanna, get in here right now."

The tone in Veronica's voice had me practically sprinting to get in the kitchen. I slid on the floor and fell into her. My boots were half on my feet and my hair wasn't pulled up. Mom's strict glare had me practically racing to fix myself.

"Girls, this is Paul Sowerberry, your father's attorney. He's here to prep us for our statements and help at your dad's hearing." She pointedly emphasized some words.

Ronnie wasn't falling for the act, "Except, we told you, Mom. We're not giving one."

"Not one you'd want, anyway." I tucked my phone in my waistband and went to move past her. She grabbed my arm.

"You won't be asked any questions about your father's business arrangements," Mr. Sowerberry interrupted, "We just need you girls and your mother to speak to his character. It'll humanize him, which could mean a lesser sentence. If you don't make a statement, well, that's problematic and damaging."

"I've already told them all of this," Mom hissed.

Veronica still blew her off, "Well, Dad made his bed. And we're late for school."

Ronnie grabbed my arm and lead me out of the apartment. The cold, snowy air blew around us as we walked to school. I knew unless something came up, Veronica would stick to her decision. I wasn't going to falter, either. Seeing the damage that Dad's business had caused, I didn't want anyone else getting involved.

The student lounge was busy, as always. Betty and Archie sat close together on the couch with Ronnie across from them on the armchair. I sat on the armrest, the coffee in my hands warming my numb fingers.

"Veronica, there's something we need to tell you." When Betty started the conversation like that, I knew where it was heading.

"Bring it," Ronnie shrugged, "After the morning we've just had, I'm ready for about anything."

"Okay, well, Archie was with the Blossoms while their board was in town. He, um...." The two looked at each other awkwardly, "Why don't you tell her? You were there."

Ronnie tilted her head at their actions. "Why is this suddenly feeling like a friendtervention?"

"I overheard Mr. Blossom say he's the one responsible for you dad being arrested and put in jail," Archie blurted.

Veronica was actually more surprised than I expected, "Are you kidding?" Archie shook his head. "Why the hell would Clifford Blossom have anything to do with why he's in prison?"

Their conversation continued until the bell rang. Ronnie and Betty went one way because they had a class together. Archie ran to catch up with me.

"Hey, you may or may not know this but it's Jughead's birthday."

I almost choked, "What? And he didn't say anything?"

Archie shook his head, "It's tomorrow, and he doesn't like making a big deal out of it. Every year, he goes to a double feature at the Bijou. It's like a tradition. Last few years, I've been his movie-buddy, but now that he has a girlfriend...."

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