In a Lonely Place // Part Three

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The next day, Jughead and I walked into the Blue and Gold office

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The next day, Jughead and I walked into the Blue and Gold office. The joke that Jug previously cracked no longer seemed funny as we realized Sheriff Keller and Principal Weatherbee were standing in front of our murder board.

"Hey," Jughead said awkwardly.

Sheriff Keller looked at both of us before his eyes stopped on our intertwined hands, "Hey."

"Uh, what's up?" I squeezed Jug's hand tightly.

Sheriff Keller's gaze had yet to move, "I'm going to need Jughead to come down to the station with me."

My boyfriend let out a breath before clenching his jaw. Sheriff Keller started walking out as Jughead let go of my hand.

"Jug, no!" I reached out to grab him but Principal Weatherbee moved in front of me.

"Miss Marrows, I believe it's best if you stay out of this." With that, he walked out after the other two.

I yanked Jughead's backpack from the desk and almost tripped over my own feet as I sprinted after them. I saw him tell Archie and Betty to call his dad and they agreed before their eyes met mine.

"Come on!" I grabbed Betty's wrist as Archie took off running with me. We stopped at Betty's car and hopped in before speeding out of the parking lot. "Stay out of this my ass, Weatherbee."

"What happened?" Archie was trying to catch his breath in the seat behind me.

I threw my head back against the headrest, "We literally just walked in the Blue and Gold office and they were looking at the murder board. They decided to drag Jug down to the station."

"Guys, this is bad. If they pull up Jughead's records..." Betty trailed off as she turned a corner.

"What?" I sat up straighter, "What's wrong with his record?"

Archie sighed behind me, "Jughead got into trouble as a kid. Nothing truly severe but enough that the town knows who he is and what he's done. He had a rough childhood, Vanna."

"Oh, my God that poor kid."

My heart literally shattered for Jughead. It was one thing after another for him. First losing the drive-in, living in the school, now being accused of murdering Jason Blossom? He didn't deserve this.

When we finally arrived at the police station, both Mr. Andrews and FP had been called. We all sprinted into the lobby and saw Sheriff Keller. He looked upset and I couldn't tell if it would be good or bad for Jug.

"Sheriff Keller, please. You have to believe us, Jughead wouldn't do anything like this," I pleaded.

The older man only shook his head, "Until we have solid proof, he's a suspect, Savanna. I'm sorry. You're welcome to talk to him, if you'd like."

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