In a Lonely Place // Part One

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Archie somehow managed to drag me out of bed for an early run before school started

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Archie somehow managed to drag me out of bed for an early run before school started. My guess is he chose me because I was the only one to answer at five in the morning. We ended the run at the school where we separated to our designated locker rooms to get ready.

I had just finished pulling my hair up when I heard someone yell. Deciding to investigate, I grabbed my eyeliner from my makeup bag and slammed my locker shut before starting to tip-toe through the halls. I heard voices a little bit down from the boy's locker room.

"Archie?" I whispered as I turned the corner.

"Did you seriously bring an eyeliner pencil to defend yourself?"

A scream escaped my mouth as I turned around to see Jughead standing by the utility closet. Archie's head poked out from the little room.

"Jughead, what are you doing here? And I've stabbed my own eye plenty of times so I was taking my chances."

My boyfriend gave me a sheepish look as Archie walked out from the utility closet. My eyes widened as I realized what had happened before I got here.

"Did you know about this?" Archie pointed from Jughead to the closet.

I bit my lip, "I knew about his living situation but not that-"

"Vanna, seriously? You knew and you didn't tell me?" Archie's voice got louder as Jughead closed the closet door.

I shook my head, "First, it wasn't my place to tell and second, he told me he was staying somewhere safe which obviously was a lie."

It was Jughead's turn to get scolded now but he attempted to defend himself, "The school is safe. Much safer than anywhere else, actually."

"How about a house? Like mine, or Vanna's. Even Betty or Kevin? Jug, there's a murderer on the loose and they could walk through this hall everyday!" Archie threw his hands out for emphasis. Suddenly the bell rang signalling students were entering the building soon. "Come on."

Archie lead us away from Jughead's living area, "God, Jug, why didn't you tell me? And where does your dad think you are?"

"He thinks I'm couch surfing, "Jughead replied, keeping his voice low.

I walked in between Archie and Jughead as the former offered for Jughead to live at his house. Jughead claimed it was just temporary but all three of us, even Jug, knew that was a lie.

"Just don't tell anybody, please. Savanna already knows and that's enough," Jughead looked down at me.

"Hey," I whined, "Don't talk about me like I'm not here. Also, if anyone's gonna be a snob about this situation, it'll be my sister."

Jughead looked down the hall, "Right, well, exactly. Don't tell her, either."

With that, my boyfriend left us to go down a different hallway. Archie turned to me and I knew he wasn't done being sour.

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