The Outsiders // Part Two

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A few hours later, I was dressed in leggings and a white tank top with one of Archie's flannels unbuttoned

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A few hours later, I was dressed in leggings and a white tank top with one of Archie's flannels unbuttoned. My combat boots were laced tightly while I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail so it would stay out of my face. Mom was absolutely confused by my appearance when we were on our way over but I promised I wasn't doing anything out of control.

Bags of food from Pop's rested by my feet as I leaned against the Andrews Construction trailer, hidden from view. Jughead said they would be here soon and since a pack of teenage boys was coming to help, I knew they would need motivation. What better motivation than food?

Kevin and Reggie pulled in at the same time, both pick-up trucks squealing as they came to a stop. The boys all piled out and grabbed the tools out of the back before walking towards the trailer door just as Mr. Andrews and Mom walked out.

"What is this?" Mr. Andrews motioned towards the group as his son put on a bright yellow hard hat.

"Your new crew, reporting for duty." Archie turned to look at Jughead.

Mr. Andrews looked at the boys, "I appreciate it, I do, but isn't there something more important you need to be doing? Like going to school, playing football?"

Archie already had this whole thing planned, top to bottom, "We can work after practice and on weekends until you find a new crew to help keep things on schedule. Come on, Dad. I worked for you the whole summer. And these guys..." He nudged Kevin.

"We're bruiser studs, Mr. Andrews," One of the guys looked right at Jughead, "At least some of us are."

I watched Mom whisper something to Mr. Andrews. Fred turned back to the boys and gave them the all clear. The adults went into the trailer for a minute as the boys stood and waited for Mr. Andrews to come back out.

"I bring gifts," I stepped out from the side of the trailer as all of the guys stared at me.

"Holy hell, Savanna Marrows." Kevin grinned from ear to ear as he saw me.

I saw Jughead's eyes light up as I walked closer, a smirk on my face. I held up the Pop's bags for them to see. Archie dropped his stuff and took the bags from my hands.

"Vanna, what are you doing here?" He smiled at me.

I shrugged and leaned against Kevin with my elbow on his shoulder, "Jughead told me your idea and I figured I could provide you with some motivation."

"Damn, baby. All you gotta do is stand there, that's enough motivation for me." Reggie licked his lips as he scanned me top to bottom.

I tilted my head at him, a smirk on my lips, "I meant the food, Reggie."

He shrugged his shoulders in response, "I'll take what I can get."

I looked at Jughead to see him glaring at the jock. Archie started handing out the food. After he was finished, he stood in front of me.

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