The Sweet Hereafter // Part Two

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here's some chaos to add to the hell of a riverdale episode we're gonna get tonight

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here's some chaos to add to the hell of a riverdale episode we're gonna get tonight. fun fun fun.

Everything passed in a blur. All I could think about was either my father coming home or Jughead leaving for a foster family. Neither were very good. I felt awful, on top of everything else. I absolutely hated being sick.

I was in the student lounge with Archie, Betty, and Ronnie. Jughead was nowhere to be found, no matter how many times I texted and called, he wouldn't answer. I was worried. If he went on another runaway to Pop's, I was going to be furious.

"Guys, I'm worried, about Jughead." I looked up as Betty sat down in one of the armchairs.

"Why? Besides the fact that his father's in jail." Ronnie shrugged.

Betty sighed, "I went on a walk with him yesterday and he told me nobody wants him here. That it wouldn't matter if he was gone."

The feeling's mutual.

"What?" I sat up straight, "He said this? Yesterday?"

Betty nodded, "He said nothing was going right for him anymore. He's not happy, guys. I know all the drama with his dad can be overwhelming but I at least like to think we make him happy."

I didn't reply as I sunk back into the couch. Betty's phone rang as she stepped away to answer it. I couldn't help but think this was it. If Jughead wasn't happy and Betty knew, I wasn't making him happy anymore. If I wasn't making him happy, he would leave. I couldn't lose Jughead. Not after all of this.

"Where is he?" Archie asked as soon as Betty hung up the phone.

"Southside High. He said it's where he belongs."

Archie sighed, "FP warned me Jughead would cut himself off, go to the dark side."

Betty shook her head, "Archie, we can't let him do that."

It became a total mad dash on who could get to Betty's car first. Ronnie slid in the passenger seat but I didn't move from my spot by the sidewalk. Archie looked back at me as he climbed in the backseat.

"Savanna? Are you coming?" He kept his hand on the door.

I shook my head slowly. "No, um. I think I'm gonna head home. Not feeling well. Keep me updated?"

Archie nodded before climbing in and slamming the door shut. I watched them drive away before pulling my phone out and texting Cheryl.

On my way.


When I found Cheryl, I felt even more certain with my decision to meet her here. She was dressed in the infamous white dress she wore with Jason that fateful day. She looked beautiful, elegant. It was sad that we were like this.

"Here we are. Sweetwater River." Cheryl motioned ahead of us. Snow was drifting in the wind as flurries landed in my hair. I could see the river was frozen over with ice. Cheryl sent a text on her phone before facing me again with a sad smile. "Ready?" She offered me her hand.

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