Body Double // Part One

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That day, I could only watch as Cheryl was accused, interrogated, and dragged out of the school by her own parents

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That day, I could only watch as Cheryl was accused, interrogated, and dragged out of the school by her own parents. My mind was racing. Cheryl seemed to have loved her brother so much. It was almost impossible for her to have killed him.

I found myself in the student lounge the next day, sitting on an armchair next to V. Archie finished telling us his story of how he went to Principal Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller about the gunshot. He left out Grundy, in front of the adults and our friends.

"So, are you a suspect now?" Veronica looked over at Archie.

Kevin jumped in, "My dad says we all are, including me."

I shook my finger at him, "Ah, but that's where you're wrong, Kev."

"Not us, girl. We don't know these people," Veronica backed up my statement.

Kevin ignored our defenses, "Guys, should we maybe re-binge Making a Murderer on Netflix tonight?"

"Sorry, can't. Gotta stay late to work on the paper," Betty laughed at Kevin's suggestion.

"Count me out, too," Ronnie added, "I've got a date tonight."

A gasp left my mouth as I grabbed my sister's chin, squeezing her cheeks together lightly. "Veronica! What the hell? You didn't tell me."

"Which Riverdale hottie made the cut?" Kevin looked interested in more gossip. I could tell by the look on Archie's bruised face that he was anything but pleased by Veronica's plans.

Suddenly, a familiar face walked in from the day Reggie and Archie got in the fight, "Hey, Vee-Lo. I'll swing by the Pembrooke to pick you up at 8:00?"

"Holy shit," I whispered quietly so only Ronnie could hear me.

She smiled at Chuck, "I'll be waiting."

"Cool." Chuck slid on his jacket before he and his friends walked out. Kevin turned towards my sister, his jaw dropped and eyes wide.

"Chuck Clayton?"

"You're going on a date with Chuck?"

A groan left my mouth thanks to Betty and Kevin, "You two have got to stop talking in unison! It's making my brain hurt."

"Sorry, Vanna. It's a habit by now. But, Ronnie. He's kind of a player," Betty attempted to talk my sister out.

"Who cares?" Kevin interrupted, "He's the hottest of hot, and he's the varsity football coach's son. In Riverdale, that's a Kennedy."

Veronica could only smirk and lick her lips teasingly, leaving us to wonder what she had just gotten herself into.


After Veronica spilled my writing secret, Betty insisted on dragging me to the school newspaper, Blue and Gold. I watched as she dusted stuff off and opened things here and there, trying to make the place look a tad bit more lively.

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