The War Inside Me by Mitch791
The War Inside Meby Mitch791
Read to see if you like it. Why not it's free.
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Beneath Your Beautiful by LCDANCER9
Beneath Your Beautifulby Brunette Barbie
"what's behind that beautiful smile of yours?" his brown eyes were questioning hers. she flicked her raven black hair behind her shoulder. her arms were crosse...
  • archiecomics
  • sight
  • archieandrews
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The Broken Veronica Lodge by Mitch791
The Broken Veronica Lodgeby Mitch791
One night something happens to Veronica that could reveal the ugly truth about her past
  • veronicalodge
  • riverdale
  • varchie
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Double by Brownie32143
Doubleby Brownie
A little over a month ago was Veronica's Confirmation. The night Betty and Jughead got back together and something happened. ...
  • riverdale
  • archie
  • jugheadjones
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Snowed In (Riverdale) by E_Bin0ya
Snowed In (Riverdale)by Emmanuela Vania
One night and one blizzard that ends in 1 week. And an abandoned cabin. Plus, 8 kids that are polar opposites. What do you get? A similar breakfast club story in the sn...
  • riverdale
  • choni
  • josiemccoy
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Veronica's secret by Mitch791
Veronica's secretby Mitch791
Veronica seems like your typical 17 year old but she is hiding a secret that may kill her
  • riverdale
  • varchie
  • veronicalodge
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Riverdale:The beginning  by KiannaSythong
Riverdale:The beginning by Kianna Sythong
Follows the plot of season 1 for now. Betty Cooper has had a crush on Archie Andrews for a while and he's been so oblivious about it until she has the courage to do it...
  • archie
  • varchie
  • bughead
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A Blossoming Topaz by mylovelessness
A Blossoming Topazby Yaya
For years Riverdale had gone back to the quiet town that was now home to the ever expanded and blended original families. What happens when someone from the town's dark...
  • blossom
  • bughead
  • kangs
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Varchie: An Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy by theawwsome
Varchie: An Unplanned Teenage theawwsome
What happened if Veronica stayed with Archie and Betty in the booth at Pops on the first night the Lodges arrived in Riverdale. What if Veronica and Archie got "cl...
  • veronica
  • veronicaandrews
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Riverdale text story by Jaffacakes013
Riverdale text storyby Jaffacakes013
Ships-Bughead, Varchie/Veggie, Choni What would it be like if the riverdale kids were in a group chat together? Highest Tags- #7 Bughead #165 fun #952 teens
  • varchie
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If You Want Me Like That (Varchie) by VarchieWW
If You Want Me Like That (Varchie)by VarchieWW
New kid Archie Andrews just moved to Riverdale and meets Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones etc. Will Archie found his way around Riverdale? Will he find he tru...
  • riverdale
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Riverdale Social Media by April_Liw
Riverdale Social Mediaby April_Liw
The Title Is Self-Explanatory.
  • riverdale
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  • humor
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Riverdale Text Messages by leelee7625
Riverdale Text Messagesby leelee7625
Veronica is bored so she creates a group chat with the inner circle, but then everyone starts adding their boyfriends and girlfriends and it turns into a chaotic, hilari...
  • shipssssss
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Riverdale Cast group chat/Social Media {Colemila} by riverdaleskjmila
Riverdale Cast group chat/Social riverdaleskjmila
Finishing because I have nothing better to do with my life 💓 if you don't like it I don't care I don't always want to write about the same stuff you never know you migh...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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Unforgettable <3                             Archie & Veronica / Riverdale  by _mohnstad_
Unforgettable < Varchie 💘
"We definitely shouldn't do this." Set after 1x1 when Archie realize he has feelings for the beautiful, but different princess Veronica Lodge. - The entire G...
  • kjmila
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  • varchie
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varchie oneshots 💖 by newmoonlauren
varchie oneshots 💖by newmoonlauren
  • oneshot
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•Love• by VeronicaArchie
•Love•by 💗💗💗
•Love• is about Veronica and Archie getting to know each other
  • varchie
You Brought the Light by Brownie32143
You Brought the Lightby Brownie
For the longest time Veronica Lodge has been closed off from everyone. Her one and only way on opening up was by writing songs but nobody knew that. On the top, she was...
  • bettycooper
  • barchie
  • kangs
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Riverdale by Robeydoolovespugs10
Riverdaleby Ruby
Weird Groupchats that start before. Serpents came to town but still has Serpents. In this book you will the parents when they are in high school, Choni, Varchie, Bughead...
  • serpents
  • sweetpea
  • fangs
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