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Riverdale cast social media  by rvd_varchie4life
Riverdale cast social media by •camila❤️•kj🤤❤️
When the riverdale cast get loads of followers from there recent show they started: riverdale. There is going to be a made up ship in this book.
  • kjapa
  • camilamendes
  • cutes
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RIVERDALE - Varchieby T
What if Veronica met Archie at a party before she moved to Riverdale when he was visiting a friend in New York during the summer? What if they slept together? Will there...
  • kjapa
  • pregnancy
  • kjmila
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Snowed In (Riverdale) by E_Bin0ya
Snowed In (Riverdale)by Emmanuela Vania
One night and one blizzard that ends in 1 week. And an abandoned cabin. Plus, 8 kids that are polar opposites. What do you get? A similar breakfast club story in the sn...
  • bughead
  • kevinkeller
  • fanfiction
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EVER AFTER ✷ KJMILA by riverdaleskjmila
EVER AFTER ✷ KJMILAby riverdaleskjmila
"life isn't a fairy tale cami" "well I can sure as hell make it close to it" "whatever you say darlin" KJM...
  • madelainepetsch
  • kjapa
  • text
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Impossible by Varchie_endgame
Impossibleby Isabella
Veronica's been alone her whole life. So when she falls in love, it's with the wrong person, and is forbidden. What will they do?
  • fanfiction
  • varchie
  • veronicalodge
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Double by varchiesrvdl
Doubleby Save my Varchie
A little over a month ago was Veronica's Confirmation. The night Betty and Jughead got back together and something happened. ...
  • kevinkeller
  • reggie
  • veronica
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You Brought the Light by varchiesrvdl
You Brought the Lightby Save my Varchie
For the longest time Veronica Lodge has been closed off from everyone. Her one and only way on opening up was by writing songs but nobody knew that. On the top, she was...
  • kangs
  • tonitopaz
  • kjmila
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Beneath Your Beautiful by LCDANCER9
Beneath Your Beautifulby Brunette Barbie
"what's behind that beautiful smile of yours?" his brown eyes were questioning hers. she flicked her raven black hair behind her shoulder. her arms were crosse...
  • archie
  • riverdale
  • veronicalodge
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Falling for you  by kjmilaxvarchie
Falling for you by kjmilaxvarchie
Cami and kj weren't supposed to fall in love, but when he met her, it was too late
  • kjapa
  • kjmila
  • riverdale
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Riverdale Text Messages  by bughead_varchie_life
Riverdale Text Messages by Bughead_varchie
This story is about a group chat that has been created by kevin and there is gouing to be a lot of drama and lot of unexpected contact and some IRL (in real life) There...
  • kevin
  • cheryl
  • riverdaletextmessage
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Riverdale Texts by Hershey182
Riverdale Textsby Bugheadfan😍😍😍
This is a book of just random ideas or like fantasies of the Riverdale "Gang" Texting each other. No relationships will start at least for a few since they did...
  • cooper
  • archie
  • riverdale
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You are listening...  by babyypizza6
You are listening... by babyypizza6
13 reasons why inspired Everyone is missing her. And she sends them some mixtapes to hear her voice. To know that she is okay. But is she though?
  • veronicalodge
  • 13rw
  • riverdale
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Varchie/kjmila one shots  by rvd_varchie4life
Varchie/kjmila one shots by •camila❤️•kj🤤❤️
Mostly varchie but I'll give y'all some kjmila too cos im a nice person -S 💕
  • riverdale
  • bughead
  • varchie
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Riverdale Social Media by April_Liw
Riverdale Social Mediaby April_Liw
The Title Is Self-Explanatory.
  • love
  • cwriverdale
  • flirt
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Riverdale/\/\groupchat  by bughead010
Riverdale/\/\groupchat by Fluffy010
This is just a story Line but it goes along with group chat riverdale style lots of bughead there will be other ships like choni, varchie, and cheronica I don't really k...
  • groupchat
  • drama
  • choni
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Runaway Lovers by varchiesrvdl
Runaway Loversby Save my Varchie
Archie Andrews left Riverdale. He left trying to escape the wrath of his one and only true love's Father. Hiram Lodge. When leaving, he had to leave the love of the life...
  • hiramlodge
  • archieandrews
  • archieronnie
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If You Want Me Like That (Varchie) by VarchieWW
If You Want Me Like That (Varchie)by VarchieWW
New kid Archie Andrews just moved to Riverdale and meets Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones etc. Will Archie found his way around Riverdale? Will he find he tru...
  • andrews
  • riverdale
  • archie
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Faking it  by Varchie_vixennss
Faking it by Riiids
Betty and Archie start off dating soon to break up considering Archie doesn't feel happy in the relationship leaving Betty heartbroken. Veronica is in rage seeing her be...
  • varchie
  • romance
  • barchie
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Miracle : A Kjmila Story by varchieandkjmila
Miracle : A Kjmila Storyby VarchieKjmila ❤️
Kj and Cami seem to have a great life but what happens when tragedy strikes...
  • riverdale
  • kjmila
  • mendapa
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Riverdale: Married and Famous- Varchie by alexa_twinner_cim
Riverdale: Married and Famous- Alexa
Archie and Veronica are married and live the life of stars! But with the pressure of managers, Hollywood, and the press how will the two manage to out stand the pressure...
  • bettycooper
  • veronicalodge
  • hiramlodge
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