Anatomy of a Murder // Part Three

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I woke up again around noon

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I woke up again around noon. No other texts came through except one from Jughead and two from Ronnie. I pulled myself out of bed and got ready before reading them. I clicked on Jug's first.

My dad's lying. I can tell.

I typed back for him to meet me at Pop's in an hour and we could talk. Next, I tapped on Ronnie's message.

Long story short, Kevin's boyfriend helped FP stash Jason's body and now we're going to see someone who has history with Daddy.

Mom and I will be home soon.

I looked at her last message, confused. At that moment, the front door slammed open. I climbed off my bed and ran into the kitchen just as Ronnie grabbed Mom from collapsing.

"Mom!" I threw my arms around her and my sister as we stood there.

"It's okay. It's okay," Ronnie kept whispering. I gave her a look but she responded with one of her own. One that said 'we can talk later' and I knew not to ask.

About half an hour later, Ronnie and I got Mom in her room to take a nap. My sister pulled me inside her room and closed the door. She looked absolutely drained, like she had just seen hell and back.

"Savanna, I'm starting to wonder if we need to move away. Like, off the grid." Ronnie sat down on her bed.

I laughed, "Ronnie, you wouldn't survive with the bugs." When I saw she wasn't smiling, I knew something was up. "Holy shit, you're serious."

"Yeah," She mumbled, "Kevin's boyfriend told us of another Serpent who knew about what happened to Jason. Archie, Kevin, and I went to see him.  We got there and...and he was dead." My jaw dropped as she told her story. "The police came and Vanna, they found it. They found a bag with Daddy's initials on it with a ton of money. The bag that Mom gave the Serpents to pay off a job well done."

"Oh, my God." I ran my hands over my face before they rested on my forehead. "I might have to take up your offer."

My phone vibrated in my pocket as I received a reply back from Jughead.

B&G. Now.

I instantly stood up, "Ron, I have to go but I'll be back soon."

Without another word, I was racing towards school. I almost busted my shoulder on the Blue and Gold door when it wouldn't open. For some reason, whenever it came to Jughead, I assumed the worst. Maybe because most of the time, it was the worst.

Luckily, this time it wasn't. Jug and Betty stood staring at the murder board as I attempted to catch my breath.

"Hey," I panted, "What's up?"

Jughead turned to look at me, a sly smile on his face. "Did you run here?"

I took a deep breath and stood up straight, "Shut, up, Jones."

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