The River's Edge // Part One

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When the car finally stopped, I thought I was going to fall over in happiness

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When the car finally stopped, I thought I was going to fall over in happiness. What I believed to be a quick hour in here, turned into being two and a half hours. One being me getting lectured, another being me sleeping, and half being me complaining about the car ride.

Ronnie was the first to climb out, her eyes scanning the building ahead of us. Makeup covered her face perfectly, not a hair out of line, and she walked with such elegance. She was definitely the favorite, golden child. Rarely did she get in trouble, yet her attitude said otherwise. Veronica often spoke without thinking, landing her in more messes than she would prefer. However, she always managed to twist her way out of any damage, scratch free.

I lacked all of these qualities. Where Veronica was confident, I hid in the shadows. She was graceful, I was clumsy. She was helpful, I tended to make messes. We couldn't be more opposite in my opinion. To Ronnie, that was a lie. She saw us as two peas in a pod. How, I had no clue. I could only dream to be like her and at the same time, I wanted to be anything but her.

"Savanna, whenever you feel like closing the door, we can go inside," Mom gave me a pointed look as I quickly made my way towards her, "Now brace yourselves. The apartment's small, a pied-a-terre, but-"

Ronnie and I were quick to quote, "Quality, always" in line with Mom. She ignored our interruptions before continuing.

"Plus, it's the only piece of property in my name and not your father's."

With that, we were lead inside the large building in silence. I closed the door quietly behind me before falling back into step with Ronnie. Other footsteps echoed through the room as an older looking man stepped out from behind the wall.

"Ms. Hermione!" He was dressed in a nice uniform with his arms open wide.

"Smithers!" Mom walked forward to hug him and kiss his cheek, "Oh, you are a sight for sore eyes."

He smiled and grabbed her hands in his own, "How was the ride?"

She returned the smile, "No traffic, thank god."

I glanced at Ronnie who appeared quite bored with the whole situation. My elbow connected with her side gently as I attempted to get a smile out of her. A small one appeared in response before she went back to being sour.

"Smithers, I'd like to introduce you to my daughters, Veronica and Savanna."

Ronnie brushed the hair out of her face before extending a hand to Smithers. I smiled sweetly before following her actions. The least I could do was make Mom happy at this point. She was having a rough time and my drama didn't need to add to it.

"It's a pleasure, ladies."

"Hi," Veronica responded but I kept quiet at her side.

Smithers let go of my hand before facing my mom again, "I'll get the bags."

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