Heart of Darkness // Part One

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I found myself walking to the Blue and Gold office the first thing after the weekend ended

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I found myself walking to the Blue and Gold office the first thing after the weekend ended. I had free period first so that was a plus. I found Trev along the way and the two of us dove into a conversation on the upcoming football game. He told me he was heading the same way I was to talk with Betty.

I pushed open the door and held it for Trev as I walked in. He stayed in the doorway while I continued in. Betty and Jughead turned to look as Trev smiled.

"Hey, Betty."

Betty smiled, "Trev, hi!"

Jughead turned towards me as he threw a hand towards Betty and Trev. I shrugged in response and collapsed in a chair next to Kevin. He patted me on the head before running a hand through my hair.

The fact that I had become so close with this group of friends in the short amount of time that I had been here made me super happy. Kevin was the overly touchy friend that I appreciated when I needed a hug. Archie was defensive and protective, leaving Jughead to be the mysterious but interesting one. Betty glued everything together as being the happy, bubbly one of the group. Ronnie was the proper, demanding icon which had me as the quiet, but attentive friend. All in all, we made a pretty good team.

"Sorry to interrupt..." Trev walked in the room a little further and leaned against the wall.

"Oh, no. Uh it's okay. We were just...uh working on-"

Jughead stepped in to save Betty, "Our murder board."

Trev glanced at it oddly before turning his attention back to our blonde friend, "Well, I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tomorrow?"

"Absolutely, it's a date," Betty confirmed before realizing what she said, "I mean, I'll...I'll see you there. Bye."

Awkward goodbyes followed in the next few seconds as we all turned to stare at Betty. Kevin moved first, his expression priceless. "Going on a date with Trev? Does Mama Cooper know about that?"

Betty rolled her eyes, "Kev, I'm not on house arrest." Kevin tilted his head, not believing her words, "Okay, she's out of town at a Women in Journalism spa retreat. Anyway, it's not a "date" date."

"You just called it a date." Jughead stepped in. I took a seat next to him on the desk. We needed to talk about what happened between us the other night. He ran from my house the next morning without a word and when I confronted him on it, he said he found somewhere to stay for now. "You literally said 'It's a date'."

"That's just my cover," Betty defended, "Really, it's an intelligence gathering mission. We should focus on the one thing we have access to that your dad doesn't. The kids at Riverdale High."

"Wait what happened? Why are you in here anyway, Kev? You hate writing." I looked up as the boy removed his hand from my dark locks.

He motioned to the murder board, "Someone broke into my house and removed all evidence of the Jason Blossom murder case. Dad has no clue who it is, and since you guys had a board very close to it, I figured I'd come chat."

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