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Hello and welcome to my story!

Before you start reading, I have a few things I want you all to know.

First, I do not own Riverdale or any of its characters. Those rights go to the respectful owners. Majority of the dialogue belongs to them as well.

Savanna Marrows is a character of my own creation so she does belong to me. You are welcome to ask permission for her use but I don't want someone stealing her or her story.

I Got You is an original book written by myself. Please do not steal the plot or my characters. The story is based off the song I Got You sung by Archie and Valerie during the series. Go check it out, I love it a lot.

The last one is important. There are themes of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicide in this book. If you aren't comfortable, do not read. I'm always opened to talk if anyone needs me.

*new 2024*
this series will be going under editing throughout the year. if comments don't match up to the scene, I likely changed it to reflect a more mature writing style!

I won't hold you back longer so enjoy!

Make sure to comment, vote, and share :)

all the love,


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