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     My teachers have been my motivators. When I was in first grade being an Afghan was even more rare than it is now; thus, my teacher awarded me with the a really big multicultural award. That inspired me to keep doing well in my classes as well as life. One of my school teachers that stands out to me is my sophomore English teacher he made English interesting. It made me see how deep and powerful words can become. My Spanish teacher also made me see how languages can interconnect;thus, I now now about four languages. There was only one math teacher who could make math fun and that was my middle school teacher because she explained things in a way that I would get her. Every other math teacher wasn't as detailed as her. My professors are a whole different thing. My communication teacher was amazing she helped me see things from a different perspective because she helped explain things I knew but didn't know how to put together. See science and I never really get along even though that is what my major revolves around. The thing with that is sometimes the wording is a bit different for me to decipher; thus, when they move on I'm a bit behind trying to catch up with the other lessons that was made. But hey I made it this far I'm just going to have to learn to get quick at it. So I guess you could say in a bit of a nerd but who gives a shit. Not me I believe being educated will go a long way and allow me to see though people's bullshit. But that's just me and how I think about things. I feel as though my teachers have allowed me to become and believe in me.

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