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      It's easy to judge and bully people for their difference; however, it's  harder to accept them for who they are. We could talk about how being gay makes you weak and nasty. Being fat makes you ugly. Coming from Mexico makes you rapist and a drug dealer. My personal favorite how being a Muslim makes you a terrorist. How about being blonde makes you dumb. Maybe being Irish makes you a drunk. Asians can't see. Blacks are slaves. Must I go on. So to clarify. According time to this I'm Asian which makes me blind. Correct?. Then I'm also a terrorist who has eyes that make bombs. Right?. Ah stereotypes don't you just love them. Maybe you forget that being Afghan makes you Asian as well considering that's the continent that it is on. In order to understand people you have to look at them as an individual not just as a statistic; although, their background might be a big part of them it does not mean that they fall into a category you just created. We are more complex than that. Let me back up. Labels as I have mentioned do not define you. Wether it be the one that says you have to wear pink and play with dolls because you are a girl. Or the one that says your Mexican and your a drug dealer. I think what you need to do is think about how not everyone falls into these labels. Instead of forcing them to be the way you want them by putting laws into place you should try hearing what they have to say. Especially, if you say things like this land is you land this land is my land. To me this makes you seem like a hypocrite and five year old child not wanting to share a toy that wasn't even his to being with. By that I mean no land actually belongs to humans it belongs to god and by putting a flag on it doesn't not make it yours. It's like saying someone putting all their hard work into something just to have someone else claim that it's theirs.

    The best way to avoid being that judgmental persons to actually go and talk to them rather than letting the things others opinions define them. It's definitely going to be hard because the words that they have been feeding you as a child not making sense anyone is difficult to accept. For example; when people all over the media shows how being gay makes you weak and sensitive you start to believe it. So when my sister came out as gay my very conservative dad did not take it very well. I on the other had kinda expected it because we were roommates for most our lives. We were two peas in a pod; thus, she hinted that she was gay without even realizing it. She would say how she really liked women's bodies but yet  at the same time people were making fun of gays saying things like "ha gay!". So I was a bit of a follower then and told her that cause I didn't think much of it. I was too caught up in my life to even realize it at that time. I was taking a wood shop class and let me tell you I leaned a lot in that class but actual wood shop was not really one of them. Instead what I really learned were how guys think. When I first started that class it reeked of testosterone. Like  the scene in Mulan where she first goes to fight and see how guys spit and hit each other. There was like only one other girl in the class. At one point when I was walking to class I saw this guy form the class I was going to say hi but apparently he was busy getting kissed by a girl and I was like ok never mind then. So I see him in class and just take random guess of what they were talking about ya the hickey. I thought it was a bruise because it was like purple and stuff but nope.  Apparently she didn't do a good job because the next day he forgot all about it. His friend first asked him, to where he didn't even say anything, then asked me if he was gay I don't really remember how that conversation came up but before answering I was trying to help him out like cough cough dude you have a hickey. It went silent for a moment and I finally replied your and idiot dude you have a hickey!. He said wait for it, "oh ya" asshole much?. idiots I was surrounded by idiots.
So when my sister came him having one and playing it off like it was a bruise saying she fell. I was thinking try me. I said try again because I've seen that before who do you think I am the Virgin Mary. As I said this I realized I should not have said it that loud because our rooms were very thin and my brother might over hear which would create chaos. She replied,"You know what that is! Can you help cover it up." So much for being quiet. I was freaking out for her like I don't know um YouTube. I did the next best thing and threw a sweater at her because I couldn't exactly throw makeup. So she decided to wear scarfs. She finally said she was bi in like ninth grade. I did my best to be supporting but I knew she was gay as soon as she said it.With the family we have things could not be good. I knew she needed all the support at time because she did always say she never felt like she belonged.
    That secret was was way too big to big to the point where she started cutting herself. She kept it as best as she could bringing people over who were "just a friend". Meanwhile, my sister in law was like we need to get you dressing like a girl. I was like dang that must have hurt her. At first she thought she could keep it a secret still. Then my other brother who was very against it found out and he decided to slap her very hard like that was going to to get the gay out of her. I felt so bad for her to where I even felt it. She had kept a knife by her bed for a while. She attempted to run away but was unsuccessful. We just had her go to therapy instead it helped her find who she was because she really then finally told me she was gay. Of course my dad was the last to find out and because he was definitely not experienced in dealing with a gay child he was depressed because he felt like he just lost a daughter. So she tried running a way this time she was successful. I wasn't even mad because she needed that.
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