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We often want to forget that we can feel things; thus, we all have ways to help us forget. I'm also guilty of this; for example, I use to steal, listen to bad music, and get piercings. Now you may think that these are not so bad; however, that is my point we think about it as if everyone does that it is normal. instead of fixing it we just accept it as in, if people start killing people then we just say well they started it so it was self defense and now everyone is doing so it should not make me a bad person. When in reality we should never allow others to even see our angry side in addition, we should see taking someone's life as something very serious to the point where doing that should never cross your mind. You might say who is this thing telling me what to do. Well my dear perhaps I may be nobody to you but you will always be a somebody to me because I believe that one day you might actually need this nobody to be there for you when no one else wanted to put up with that arrogant attitude. Needless to say, applying the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated is important to me. Even then I'm not perfect and I don't expect anyone else to be; however, I would hope that they are at least respecting one another.

    In a way it makes sense that the number of suicide, rape, and murder are going up once you start you can't stop; although, you can make people understand you by expressing your story and helping those who are going through the same thing.Keep in mind that it may not make them stop; despite that, you may have helped someone else suffering through the same thing feel human again. We are all broken in some way or another but it's about how you get up and not let it take over you that makes you strong enough to not allow yourself to be broken that way again. No, this does not mean to become more selfish because in the end you need up becoming the person who hurt you in the first place it's more about you having the vulnerability to be able to continue to be kind even if everyone is not. What do you gain?. Your mental health and a kind heart which is something you always want to have because that will allow you to be in control and not let others bring you down with them. Yes, this is a lot easier said then done and it's ok to not get it at the beginning but with practice and patience you will come to find it worth it.
    One method that I use to try and achieve this, even I'm not there yet but that doesn't me I will not try to get there, is by remembering that it will not benefit me in any way if I let them see my anger in fact they will know what makes my buttons work and to not allow that I get new ones so that the same thing does not anger me anymore. This may take time but for your health do it. Working in your self is one of the most amazing things you can do cause if you can't then no one else would why would they when they are too are being distracted by their own methods.

-I hope you liked it let me know if you guys have questions

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