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"Embarrassment and awkward  moments are not foreign to me."-Paul Rudd

I have always been a Klutz ;needless to say,  I have had many of embarrassing and awkward moments. Some of them were not as serious as others; however they have made me rethink things in a different way. For example, when my sister in law and I were on the way to Target we were listening to music and the Weeknd came on. My sister in law started the conversation a little like this:

"This song is my jam!"

"We'll see about that." I was like there is no way you know this song better. I know it by back of my hand. So we stared to sing the song. 

I sang, "...You probably think I'm lying.." with a nod I decided to add why the fuck you lying and I soon as I said it I knew I fucked up because if you know the song the next verse goes , "I'm used to bitches coming right way you got me touching on you body." It went so well. take a minute to reread it and you will see what I'm talking about. It's like him answering the question. So I did the next best thing  I mimicked the meme of drake clapping . So the reason why this is embarrassing is because I heard people outside laughing too . I just was like ya hey you like this is so not awkward right?.    

The next embarrassing thing that happened to me involved clothes, particularly pants, like I said I'm a klutz. Again this was at target, coincidence? I think not!, I had just came in and was assigned to fix shoes. They called me up to cahier for a bit; thus, I went up and everything was normal until this kid comes up to me to say that I had a hole I'm my butt. At first I was thinking like ya I'm pretty sure everyone does. In reality,  I just was like ok I'm going to ignore that. When I got home I realized that the hole he was talking about was the one in my pants. I was bending over to much at work that I actually ripped my pants. Believe it or not, this was not my first encounter with pants issues. Remember the boy who thought he was playing in the monkey bars with me. Ya that helped me think that the situation was not as bad as that.

We had do the pacer test ,basically running back and forth, my shoe fell and it somehow ended up behind me. Like How?. That was when I realized sports and I are not going to workout, get it get it no ok, and decided to part ways. However, I did still try to stay fit just on my own where I can only be the one seeing my shoe fall off.

-Hope u liked it if not well too bad its not easy writting these ok

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