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I have recently started to wear a Hijab, head covering, and it is astonishing to see the difference in how people treat you. For example, when we first moved in to our new, nice house one of our neighbors decided to duck, I'm assuming they thought we had a bomb, because my stepmom was wearing her hijab. Luckily we knew how to deal with these kind of people, so the next time my dad saw them he ducked too. That was when I decided that maybe I should start wearing it. I realized that people see it as a symbol of the women being trapped and not having equal rights. Not only do they have equal rights, but also the choice of wearing it . Because it is something that is highly recommended, many women make the choice of wearing it. I would definitely recommend it because to me it helps me have the patience to be kind to those who are prejudiced towards Islam. I also see it as having the presence of Allah with me. I'm currently working at target; thus, I have decided to do an experiment. I would mention that eating pork is not healthy for them and the purpose is to see if people would judge and get angered by the question or listen to why it is not healthy for them. Many customers, thankfully, are opened; however, I live in California and not somewhere like Arizona. The more I have learned from the Latino culture the more I realized we have in common and are being treated differently by the blasphemy of the media. I also came to the conclusion that people only know of Islam based on what the media or schools have thought them, which is definitely not enough, but if they took the time to learn just the basics of Islam they would see what a beautiful religion it is.Which is why I am so ecstatic of the idea that Nike is design athletic attire for Muslims who work out because that is pretty hard to find. It also shows how much we can actually accomplish if we come together.

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