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    " Verily in the name of Allah do hearts find rest" -Quran  13.28
Islam has definitely changed my life for better. No, no one forced me to write that. Not only has it has taught me elegance as in manners but also, how to have humility. If you just listen to the words and the way it is pronounced  you can immediately feel the weight of every word. Even the letters are as precise in how they have to be noted as well as the parts of the mouth and tongue that are involved is more specific than any other language well at least according to me. The way you greet on another is also just as beautiful. The way you have to say Bismillah before you eat and the certain things that you can eat is also precise. The way you wash your self before you get ready to pray is also pretty exact. It's ironic coming from me because no matter what I do there is this stink that will not go away but that is a whole different story. My point being that Islam is precise to some people this means that it is to strict; however, if you really understood Islam you will see that in saying this is like saying that you have to brush your teeth in the morning is too specific and strict. These rules are there to protect you God didn't write it there for fun cause in case you haven't noticed he does not need them.  It is written there for you to follow and by not following them it is as if you were given answers to a test but you were being too arrogant to take it. That might sound cliche but if you stop to put in the effort and not be saying things like YOLO then you will see the actual meaning of life. This religion gives you guidance that we could all use today. It teaches you how to have a heart by which I mean have feelings. Many of us forget to use it and be great full of the fact that we even have one at all. Maybe because we are often condition to not use it in the first place that we don't recognize the fact that we need it. We were put here together to help each other not to tear each other apart just because we are to greedy and want everything for ourselves. Even if we ended up getting everything there would be no point is you do not have someone to share it with. It is important to know the difference between what culture and the actual religion teaches you then hopefully you will have less hate in your heart. It is also important to know that in Islam we believe that this life is a test and rather than wasting it on doing evil and proving the devil that he is right we should rather do the opposite because after all god is watching. Take a minute and digest that the next time you do a bad deed is that the way you would want to be represented in the eyes of your creator?. If you don't fear god  then you probably are like ya ya lets move on from this religious crap. Well ok but don't say that there did not come to you some type if warning you just weren't paying attention. See we are the type of people who don't like to think about reality and instead go into virtual reality which is just sad. I don't judge though if you don't like to think about god then ok but at least  respect those who do.

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