That Day

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    I had to find out from a teacher that there were people who have decided to hijack a plane. At first I was like what dumbass did that?. Then she said they were Muslim and were doing it for jihad which was considered holy war. There were so many things that were going through my head at that time I had to rethink everything that's how good the media can be at manipulating things. I was thinking of that's part of my religion then I had to think if I really wanted to be apart of that but deep down something didn't feel right. I knew my religion better than that starting with its name which meant peace so there was no way that this was something that us Muslims should be capable of doing. So unlike like most people I decided to research more about the topic. I found this video called " Is terrorism a Muslim monopoly?" By Dr. Zakir Nike not only did this video bring me closer to Islam but also, made me realize the beauty of it. The way Dr. Zakir Nike's video works is that he allows people to ask him questions about Islam and does his best to answer them in the hope that they understand it better. In this particular video he starts by reading the Quran and goes on to define the term of Terrorism. I won't bore you with the details of the video given that it is about two hours long; however, I hope you take the time to watch it because how can you understand Muslims if you are not willing to learn about one. " If anyone weather Muslim or non Muslim kills it is a though he has killed the whole of humanity" this quote shows that not only does the Quran think of Muslims but non Muslims as well; in addition, just these words have more compassion in them than some humans that I know. For example, I had this customer when I asked her if she wanted to apply for a red card she didn't really say anything; thus, I asked again thinking she didn't hear me because she was talking to her family. She finally said no in a way that I have heard many times with judgement therefore, I asked her half jokingly if it was because I was Muslim she hesitated but I got a nod from her daughter and that was enough for me. I told her, " ok moving on would you like a bag?" I knew she had seen me as those Muslims on media and as the person who i actually was so I thought it was not worth it; however, when she left I flipped her off. Nine eleven may have made people hate Islam; on the contrary, it made me learn about what it actually means to be a Muslim. I just wish people would see the beauty of it rather than assuming that the things from the media are true. In my opinion the terrorists who did nine eleven were not Muslim the moment that they decide that harming and killing people is when they have let Islam go and have a mind of their own. I feel bad for the people who had to go through nine eleven not only did they not deserve that but also, their perception of Islam was ruined because some people through it was funny to do something like that.
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