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Death can befall us at anytime. On April 3 is the day of my mother's death anniversary. We used to gather around and do prayers for her but now we just leave it to be another day. Which is fine because I would rather let her go in peace than to have us have dedicated a day of mourning. By this I mean that I don't think she would have wanted us to be sad but rather move on with our life. It's hard to do that when you get a hold of her death date being turned into a holiday. Excuse me did I say holiday?. Maybe more equivalent to that of one who lost their humanity because they were too busy trying to get them to perform and mirror them; after all, who knows how to behave better than he who's sole purpose is to get money any those who come in the way are behest to get out of the county. In addition, they promise that when you come to this new strange land that you will not be berated for your religion.Yet as soon as they see you practice it they are quick to do things like take the Hijab off your head, without regards to the fact that they are terrorizing you, because it frightens them. Then without hesitation they still insist that they have done nothing wrong just wanted to free the woman form her oppressed state. Little do they know that the women is actually as far away from that as possible. When a women wears this she is telling you many things in the most elegant way: that she is a Muslim; thus, when she sees a man she is not permitted to shake their hand, she is saying that she is only going to show her beauty to her husband because that should be the only person really allowed to see it, and that you should only see her as a human being not a toy. For you to not even understand the meaning of something and just automatically disrespect it because it is not something of your comfort zone is as if you are not willing to just wait to see the temperature turn the particles to the diamond that it is as a result of the temperature getting too hot. In any case, without their hate and criticism I would not have the courage or guidance to be able to move on and allow my mom to rest in peace. I'm just glad not many got hurt on that day. I would just hope that eventually the people who tried to hurt out sisters would have the chance to actually learn what the meaning behind the madness is rather than have that hate still in their hearts until it is to late to undo the damage that they have done to their hearts because of their arrogance that they put up as a mask to hide their feelings in.
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