The Step-Fam

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   My dad being alone with four kids in a new country, not even knowing the language, definitely felt like he had no idea what to do or say. Therefore, he decided, after much convincing, that he needed to get remarried as he tried to learn English. Frilly, I'm not going to use any real names here so I'll call her Frilly, was excited to be part of the family until she she had her own kids. Her kids always came before anyone, which is normal, and she started to spoil them. So my siblings and I never really got the feel of having a mother around even though she claims that she feels like we are her actual family. This caused many arguments to occur and now most of the family doesn't get along with her, however her children made up for her attitude. There are three of them, Marshal, Mubby, and Jasper. Marshal and Mubby are twins and then the oldest is Jasper. Marshal is my little acolyte; thus, she does almost everything I tell her. The twins are fraternal. Jasper is just a year older than them. It  comes in handy that Marshal is my follower cause she has a bit of OCD so she organizes things for me. They are also spoiled because there mom hands everything to them; however, she is busy taking care of other kids at her babysitting job. Which means a that I have to watch them and teach them things cause they don't realize that there mom won't always be there to hand them things. There mother also likes to make us clean and cook all at once but I don't really like the way she teaches because she expects us to already know because when she was our age she knew it. I try to take in any information I can so that one day I'll be a pro cook one my own. I know a few dishes but they still need practice.

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