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    "We don't feel the need to ask someone their name because we already gave it to them." -Amal Kassir
        When we give labels to someone, especially to a group, we often forget that we are more alike than unalike. Instead of taking the time to understand someone we would rather pretend we know them. We assign them a story, perhaps because we want to be understood instead of being understanding , rather than understanding their story. It is as if what a certain person does defines the whole group; however, when their group does the same thing it suddenly becomes a tolerable act. Maybe they can fool others with that stunt but I know the truth. I grew up here and learned the same things you do or do you not realize this fact?. Wait, I wear a hijab which means I'm a terrorist and could never possibly want a truce. Again assuming things isn't something you lack. All you have to do is be observant to the way people pour lies as if it they were poring  juice. Then you will recognize that all we Muslims really want to do is come together as a pact. Rather than supporting each other we wound up hating and separating each other because we think we other better; except that is no excuse. When we should be treating humans with dignity and delicacy whether we like them are not its in the way you react. Not only  we are to busy saying things like " bruh" to each other but also, getting upset over the smallest things makes us want to hit some one as it becomes more acceptable to abuse.
    Alright that is the best I can come up with; basically, my point is that we should be treating people with kindness wether we like them or not because who are we to judge someone?.We are to quick to assume things we do not understand; however, we do not start with ourselves first. Perhaps it is because we think we know best; on the contrary, it is through others and being humble that we achieve true understanding. It is challenging because our minds are trained to compare others and draw conclusions; although, the beauty in that is we can also learn to overcome that. We must remember to not only question everything but also, to analyze things. Look for fallacies in arguments or play the devils advocate in order to think thoroughly about the subject. It is also important to respect others decisions by not forcing them to anything; whereas, they might not be ready to hear what you have to offer.When you time it right then they might be willing to listen but so must you. Then and only then, can you begin to know the person who you were willing to judge so quickly. They might even end up surprising you with the knowledge that they have; thus, you must have patience in this world. People say they do not like humans but never want to better themselves or are too arrogant to try to understand them. If you give them chances they will get better if not them then you will by having patience. Sure some disappoint you but then again it is not always about you. Giving up is easy but in time it would end up being second nature to you.

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