My Fam

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         I have two older brothers. Man where do I even begin with them they have been my guidance. Whenever I needed advice I would always go to one of them. They are opposites in personality and perspective.Mizz is really Americanized as in he sometimes drinks, smokes and, wait for it, lives life in the moment. Where as my other brother, Abdul, is more of a religious person. At first he was not and I was so shocked when he decided to be because he was the one who would smoke a lot of cigarettes and who knows what else. For a time I thought he would end up being single forever because he has a really bad temper. I believe because he had been in Afghanistan when the Solvent Union and Taliban were attacking that he is that way. Anyways, Abdul is the one that gives me a more religious advice on things where as Mizz gives me a life lesson advice. Or as I like to call them learning things cause you from the "ghetto" in other words street smarts. For example, Mizz would tell me things like, "Don't take your anger out on other people who don't have anything to with it". "Do something rather than have it come to you.". Abdul would say things like, "I'm only here for Allah's sake." As well as, "Islamically you shouldn't listen to music because it's the devil's thing." Which is weird because he was the one who taught me how to box. For me, I'm a mixture between the two; thus, I don't smoke but I do listen to music and cuss. Then I have a sister well she's gay so I can't say that anymore. It kinda hurts to see that because I've known her as my sister but of course I still love her. I just can't support her because I'm in the middle of religious and non religious. I feel bad because I want to help her but it's hypocritical if I do. That would be a big sin on me; thus, my sister decided she would be better if she moved out on her own.

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