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"Stop drinking, Kim. You're already drunk." I asked Kim since I'm the only one who's still sober.  "Don't be an angel. I wanna drink" she said. I held her hand who's holding another can of beer. "No" I said, firmly. I looked at Jug, Jason, Zach and Billy who are already sleeping. Damn. "You don't own me. Stop stopping me!" She yelled. I gripped at her hand more. She stared at me

"YOU'RE SO ANNOYING! stop holding my arm!" She yelled again. I sighed and didn't let her drink another can of beer. "No Kim you're drunk" I told her. "Why do you care. Let go" she said, trying to get off my grip. "Maybe because I have a huge crush on you!" I almost yelled. My eyes are widened as I put my hands to my mouth. Oh my God. "What?" She asked. Oh my God Trini you're so stupid! Argh!! "What?" I asked her, tryna hide my red face from her.

"You *hik like meeeee" she teased. Omg I wish the ground will open and swallow me right now. "No I don't. Come on" I told her as I tried to put her drink away. "Aww you're cute Trini" she said. Omg stop being adorable when you're drunk Kim please. You'll be the death of me. "come on. you're going to bed" I said.
"No" she said. Sometimes, I feel sorry for being friends with her because of her stubborness. SMH. "Yes you are. And wait here. I'm gonna get you so-- and you're sleeping. Great" I said.

I went downstairs and grabbed my back pack. I went to the room where Kim and I are staying and changed my clothes. I went out after I dressed up. "Ha" I sighed. "How am I supposed to sleep next to the only girl I loved?" I whispered. I took a deep breath and sat next to her. I need to sleep but how? How when I know she might remember that I told her I like her? I shook my head. She's drunk. She's not gonna remember anything tomorrow.

I slept beside her. I thought of all the great things that I should've done before I fell asleep.

"They look so adorable. I ship them like crazy!" I heard someone said. I mean like Billy. "Me too! But seriously why are they so dumb not to know what they're feeling?" Zach said. "What are you guys talking about?" A new guy I think who sounds like Jason asked. I felt someone moving beside me. I slowly opened my eyes to see...

"WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME?!!/ WHAT THE FUCK GUYS?!" Kim and I yelled. Okay that was awkward. I felt my face turning to red. "AWW LOOK AT TRINI SHE'S BLUSHING!" Zach teased. "Fuck off" I told him. I heard other laughs and giggles from everyone else. "Morning?" Kim asked, yawning. Rubbing her oh so pretty eyes.

"Good morning, dearest Kimberly. You too, idiot" Zach said. Wow. Idiot. "Whatever. What the time is it?" I asked him. "It's quarter to 11. Come on y'all let's eat brunch" Jason said. We all nodded since we'll we're all hungry. I mean starving.

"Trini, you'll cook since I made dinner last night and Kim doesn't know how to cook" wait what? "I don't know how to cook?" I asked. Bill just stared at me. More like glaring. "You? Can't cook? Oh please don't me" Billy said. I just smiled. "I'll take that as a yes. Okay Trini, everything you needed is in the kitchen." Jason said and left me with Billy. "I'm going downstairs. Make some lasagna la trini" he said, winking and left me. "Wow" I said, out loud. I was gonna change my clothes when

"OMG my eyes" Kim said. I was half naked. Welp, I'm still in my bra so "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" I yelled, as I rapidly wore my shirt. "I was taking a bath" she said. I looked at her. Damn wet look. How can someone be so hot? "Uhm?" She said. "What?" I asked her. "I'm going to use the room?" She asked. "Oh yeah right... See you downstairs!" I said and ran off the room. Wow what the fuck was that

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