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The movie went well and I was pretty turned on because Alexandrea is so damn hot. And Zac too. And all the girls there were so hot.

"You can't even take your eyes off Alex's ass" Kim teased me. "No I wasn't staring at her ass! I was looking at the background!" I defended myself. She laughed as if it was the most amusing thing anyone told her. "No one will believe you. Come on I wanna eat" she said. "But you just ate a burger!" I told her. "That was 10 minutes ago! Come on I want some ice cream!!" She said, looking up imagining the ice cream she probably wanna eat. Tell me why I'm friends with her again?

"So I was talking about something that happened during our family gathering last week and you wouldn't believe it!" Kim exclaimed. We're at McDonald's since she wants some fries. "What happened then?" I asked her curiously. She just nodded and "you know there was this woman named Rita. I didn't get her family name but she looks like someone so familiar! I know I've seen someone with the same eyes as she has. I just can't point who" she explained.

"Was that actually unbelievable?" I asked her as I picked her order and looked for a spot. "Yea because I just realized she looks like Jug" she said as if it's nothing. Wait what? Jug? But Jug came from Russia. It must be an accident.

It was almost 7PM when we went to our office. It feels weird to go here without anyone or anything happening in this town.

"There's another note left in your table though no one was murdered" Jug told me as we entered our office. "How's mah hoomans?" Zach whispered to me. I slapped him and laugh. "Shut it Zach" I jokingly told Zach. "Oh hey Trini it's for you" Kim said as she read the envelope. "What? How does that make any sense?" I asked. They all shooked as I opened the envelope.

"My dearest Trinity,

Now everyone knows that we're connected though you still have no idea who I am. I didn't kill anyone this time but you know what I want. And if you'll give it to me, your love's life will be spared. I love you, niña


What? "Wait you're connected to the killer? I mean THE KILLER IS YOUR STALKER?!" Zach almost yelled. "You're not safe, Trini" Jason added. "Why call that person a stalker, Billy? What if that guy is actually good looking?" Jug said. Wow. "Wait seriously Jug?" Kim asked, confused as we all are. "What?" Jug asked as if he haven't said anything weird. "That was weird" Billy said, astonished. I almost laughed the way he said it because his face was epic

"So y'all going to college next year and I... I'm still in this town, tryna fix this stuffs someone have done" Jug said as he poured the gin in my shot glass. "Come on, Juggy! We'll never stop helping you keep our planet safe" I told him. He just smiled. A very weird smile. "Of course! We're the power rangers! We don't leave a friend behind" Zach added. "Yeah because not everyone has this weird power" Billy said. Jug laughed as we all did. "It's not weird, Billy. It's unique" Jason said. "You guys are so lucky to have those powers and be free" Jug said, shady. "Aw come on Juggy, don't be like that!" Kim said. "Let's all hang out tonight. I mean it's been a long while since we really hang out" Jason said. We all nodded and we decided to meet in the office and pick a place to hang later.

I was alone in the balcony when "Yo Trini" Zach said. "Yo" I said. "So how is it going?" Billy asked me. What's going? "What?" I asked. They both looked at each other and face palmed.
"You're so slow. If I were you I would've asked Kim to be my girlfriend" Zach said. Wait what "me too. Damn how could you be so slow, Trinity?" Billy said. Okay WHAT

"What are you guys talking about?!" I asked them. "Dude you obviously have a big crush to Kim" Billy said. I just stared at him. What. "Oblivious much, little yellow ranger?" Zach teased. I felt my face turned to red. I know I liked her before we were friends but what "Aww. TRINITY IS BLUSHING. I REPEAT TRINITY IS BLUSHING" Zach yelled. I pinched him so he will shut up "Aw freaking hell that hurts!" He yelled. I rolled my eyes. "But seriously Trini. You should ask her out" Zach said. Billy continued to laugh because of my obliviousness. "Yeah and don't be dumb you know.she have feelings for you too" Billy said, slightly laughing.

"hey guys what are you talking about?" Kim said out of nowhere. Oh my God. I felt my heart beat stopped. I am shook as hell. "Uh-- um nothing" Billy said, scratching the back of his neck "seriously guys?" She asked again. I felt my face reddened and stared at Zach who's actually scared as hell too. "We were just talking about how slow Trini is" GOD ZACH I WILL KILL YOU "Wait what?"
"Guys let's go. Gotta buy some alcohol. We're going to my new apartment" Jason said. Thank God. "Never tell her" I mouthed to Zach and Billy. They just nod and laughed. Assholes.

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