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"THIS TASTES SPLENDID!" Zach said with his fake British accent. "Ugh I felt horribly ashamed of you" Billy said to Zach. I've finished cooking and it actually went well. "Teach me how to cook sometimes" Kim said. "What?"

"I said teach me how to cook sometimes. I seriously love this lasagna... I mean everything you cook" she whispered. I looked at her and she looked at her food. "You know I don't like teaching, right?" I asked her. She just nodded and smiled without breaking her eye contact with her food. Wow let me remember how Kim's in love with foods? "I won't.. I mean I can't I don't know how to teach anyone anything" I said. "I'm not anyone" she stated. Okay what

"Look at poor Trini.. she looks so confused" Zach said to Jason who's trying so hard not to laugh. Billy was biting his hand so he won't be noisy laughing. What? Confused about what? "Kim you sure about that? You can have me instead" Billy said to Kim, who just laughed. Okay what the fuck is happening? "Come on y'all. We need to finish our job first" Jason said, smiling. Tapping my back then left. I heard him laughed behind my back. JASON LAUGHED AND I DON'T GET ANYTHING. WHAT THE HELL.

"Oblivious little bitch. Whatever happens, Trin, I'm gonna ship ya two ya know. You're my parent and I... I love my parent" Zach said then winked and ran before I could punch his face. What?

"Whatever you Zach. I'm going to pick my things today so you clean up our dishes" I said and winked at him. "THIS IS SO UNREAL" He screamed. I
I just laughed at him.

"You better ask her out, Trini..." I heard someone said behind me. "Pardon but who am I going to ask out?" I asked. He just smiled. "Kimberly of course. You obviously have something, you two ya know? It's obvious" he said. Wow. "I don't know what you're talking about. I better get going. It's getting dark and I need to take some things from my old apartment" I said, starting the engine of my big bike. "Still don't get how you get to use that" Jason said, shaking his head. I just winked at him and went out.

It only took me 15 minutes to go to my old apartment from Jason's. As I step my foot on the floor, I felt something. It's weird. Dark. Nostalgic. I don't know. It's a composition of everything I don't have any words to explain. I picked the backpack I left last night when I saw a letter

Dearest Trinity,

I am awfully sorry for taking the lives of those people. But I don't and never will regret what I have done. If you were me, you would do the same. Those people are the people we once have trusted and betrayed us in the past. I wish I could say something in person to you but it's not the right time.

Yours truly,
Your love.

What the fuck is this? Who the fuck is this? How does this person even know me? Why is this person killing people I don't even fucking know? What the fucking hell is happening?!

"FUCK OFF WHO THE FUCK IS THAT??!!!!!" I yelled as I grabbed my stun gun from my back. I've heard giggles afterwards. "You should've seen your face, Trinity" Kim said, out of nowhere. Jesus. "Why are you here?" I asked her. "I asked Jason where you might be and he said you're going here so I'm here" she explained. "Hey what's this?" She asked, picking up the letter I've read. "Oh uhm, it's an anonymous letter" I said, checking every part of my apartment.

"Anonymous? With your name? What?" She said. I just nodded. After a minute, she was in silence. "Why are you so silent?" I asked. "You and the fucking murderer are connected" she said. "NO WE'RE NOT." I defended. "Then why is your name stated? Trini we need to tell them! Your life is in danger!" She almost yelled. I just stared at her with my eyes wide open and my lip, bitten. "I don't know... But if you read that thing again, you know that that person behind everything will not hurt me" I told her. She just sighed and turned around.

"Were you planning to tell us about these notes?" She asked after a long period of silence. I don't know if I'm gonna answer her since obviously that would be a no and that will cause drama and life lectures. "You know I don't believe to the saying 'silence means yes'" she added. I didn't speak. Even though I wanted to tell her everything. I mean everything about the dreams, murder, past. Everything. But I can't. I can't risk her. I can't risk anyone.

"Then it's a no..." She said, looking at me. I didn't dare to look at her eyes cause I might not keep everything to myself. "Wow... TRINI HOW COULD YOU?! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE BEST FRIENDS AND BEST FRIENDS SHOULD KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ONE ANOTHER! BEST FRIENDS TRUSTS ONE ANOTHER AND BEST FRIENDS DON'T KEEP SECRETS FROM ONE ANOTHER" She yelled. I just looked downwards, still not facing her. She pause for a long moment before I had the balls to speak.

"I don't wanna risk you... I'm afraid that if I told you, you'll be one of them" I said, still looking downwards. "You know I'm not one of them. Never will..." She said, tapping my back. "But I... I couldn't risk it.." I said and I felt her hand twisted my body and gave me a hug. "I will never leave you, Trini. I promise" she said. But Kim, promises are meant to be broken. I just hugged her and calm myself. I will do everything to keep Kimberly safe.

A/N: lol I love Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa. Lmao I just wanna say that. 😂😂 Hope you enjoy it. 💓

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