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Powerrangers Stories

1.2K Stories

The beginning }} JASON SCOTT  by Emily-Jayde
The beginning }} JASON SCOTT by Emily 🥺✌️
Annie has always been the shy, quiet girl who would rather read a book then go out and socialise. When a unexpected incident happens, Annie lands herself in detention...
Rise of a Ranger by Kars_TheUltimateLife
Rise of a Rangerby Kars_TheUltimateLife
After being immediately expelled by Aizawa at the test.He gave one for back to All Might, after finding a green gem and bonded to it will he be a hero.
The Purple Ranger(Power Rangers Ninja Steel) by musicalfan101
The Purple Ranger(Power Rangers Ni...by musicalfan101
when a shy teenagers guitar gets stolen a chain of events start to occur which leads to catching the eye of a certain boy who recently escaped a ship (follows Power Rang...
✨New Light✨ (Jason Scott x Reader)(ON HIATUS) by enn_arty67
✨New Light✨ (Jason Scott x Reader)...by Inna Addams
Weeks after the golden monster incident, a new girl move to Angel Grove, when she find strange white coins on the gold mine, everything change and she get to meet the...
Revenge of the Tiger by GigaFlameChimera
Revenge of the Tigerby GigaFlameChimera
After being betrayed by Rias gremory and the perrage you once thought as your family, you are ressurected by god who gives you command of a beast spirit and immense powe...
TIME ➳ JASON SCOTT by maryfelicity
For Georgia Stevenson, time always seems to get in the way. And it ends up taking people she loved in the process. -- "Have you ever felt like leaving this place...
Power Rangers: The White Ranger by GuitarAlex101
Power Rangers: The White Rangerby Alex Wiggert
This is the story of the 2017 movie "Power Rangers" along with a twist of my own: a new addition is with the newly chosen rangers as the White Ranger, going wi...
The White Ranger(Jason Scott Love Story) by KDW-14
The White Ranger(Jason Scott Love...by KDW-14
The world was now safe thanks to the power rangers. But everything is not what it seems. A new enemy is now in Angel Grove. More powerful and dangerous. Can the power ra...
The Ice Ranger (Power Rangers Ninja Storm- Hunter x OC) by camposa9
The Ice Ranger (Power Rangers Ninj...by Alex
Jaiden was raised in the Ice Ninja Academy. The Academy was suddenly destroyed by an unknown force, along with everyone in it except for Jaiden, who, with her newfound R...
White and Gold (SUPER MEGAFORCE/ SUPER NINJA STEEL) *Levi Weston/Aiden Romero* by justAquirkyfangirl
White and Gold (SUPER MEGAFORCE/ S...by FanGirl
Levi Weston/ Aiden Romero Fanfiction Skye Miller is a 18 year old singer. She comes to Summer Cove for a concert and meets Mary and her friends. She starts school at Sum...
Naruto: New generation of rangers by mickol93
Naruto: New generation of rangersby mickol93
Naruto had a hard life. He's been neglected by his parents over his young sister. After she was made into heir, Naruto's heart breaks and he runs away from home. Sakura...
Allosaurus Ranger (Power Rangers Dino Thunder Fanfiction) by KillidiaDusk
Allosaurus Ranger (Power Rangers D...by KillidiaDusk
Jonathan Arkana is an average thief and teen studying at Reefside High. One Afternoon,he found an emerald,or is it?
Code Red by SaylorS0
Code Redby Sava
Savannah Rivers, a seemingly regular girl, grabs the attention of all the Rangers when she suddenly joins them in battle. Up to this point, something about her felt diff...
The descendant power rangers  by ArielCornell
The descendant power rangers by Ariel Cornell
Ariel and her friends are descendants from former power rangers. They first meet each other at school but soon find out that they all have a veteran ranger for a mom and...
protector | c. mcknight by thedaydreamofyou
protector | c. mcknightby ᗩᑎGᕮᒪ
Skylar Nicole is the new girl at Reefside and immediately makes friends with Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, Ethan James, and Trent Fernandez. During a trip to the forest, S...
Power Comes to Remnant REPOWERED (Male!Power Ranger!Reader x Blake Belladonna) by DrakeWings
Power Comes to Remnant REPOWERED (...by IT’S MORPHING TIME
This is an updated version of one of my stories: Powers Comes to Remnant. I hope you all enjoy it. Legacy. Something that is a part of your history or that remains from...
It's morphing time heroes( my hero academia x power ranger reader) on hold by Wargeg
It's morphing time heroes( my hero...by Wargeg
Y/n was a normal kid who enjoyed power rangers especially the original Japanese version, and he was a fan of anime, and comic books. One day he found a glowing rock that...
The Red Ranger of Canterlot High by Waldvogel24
The Red Ranger of Canterlot Highby Waldvogel24
Mark Russell is the Son of the Red Mystic Ranger. Who is now being sent to Canterlot City, When his parents want him to go to high school and experience a somewhat norma...
Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!