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The moment we got in the crime scene, no one was there. No one has even noticed it yet. Or maybe they have but preferred to stay out.

"Have you called 911?" I asked Zach. He nodded. "They're on their way. Goodness, can't we have a freaking day-off? We've been working 24/7 and we just asked for one free night and it's ruined" Zach ranted. "Shut up, Zach. Someone was murdered" Kim said in a serious tone. There's no time for that.

In few minutes, the police was here. They secured the crime scene and asked some people from the neighborhood if they've heard or saw something suspicious earlier tonight. It happens that a black Mercedes Benz and a van was here and hour ago.

"I saw a guy wearing a white suit and I think 10 man in black from the van. They were here, armed" an old guy next door said to the police. A black Mercedes? Man in white? I think I know who that person is. "I was so scared. I went to the basement with my wife and granddaughter in case something bad will happen"
I smiled to the conclusion I ended with.

"Do you have any idea who the murderer is?" Jason asked me. I moved my head no. "I don't have proofs yet" I told him. "Who is it then?" Billy asked. I shook my head. "I can't tell you yet. Besides, we still have no evidences to prove that it's him" I said, seriously. "Or her"

"Jug wants to talk to us. Let's go" Kim said. "You guys can go ahead. I'm gonna stay here a bit longer." I told them. They nodded and headed to Jason's car.

I walked through the place and analyze it. It's more like a stockroom. Filled with blood and papers scattered on the floor. This is the 5th murder case in our town in a span if two months. And they're all murdered the same way. The victims eyes were no longer to be found. Their heads were almost off their bodies. It's not the usual kind of murder where the victim is simply killed. And the victims weren't innocents. Most of them are connected to drugs and illegal gambling. But no one is connected to Theo Laynon. He is my suspect. But now, I don't know. Why would he even kill his allies?

I was looking through some papers scattered on the floor and I saw a blood red colored envelope. I opened it and saw a note.

"Did you like my present, love?
I killed them all myself.
I know you're dying to get away from there.
And I can't do anything. I mean yet.
But I'm doing what you wanted me to.
I hope you're happy with the outcome.


What? I don't understand. Who's E? And who the fuck is her love?


"Do you have any idea who could be the love of this E? I mean we don't have any clue who the hell this E is" Jug said to us. I gave them the note I saw in the crime scene. They're as confused as I am the moment as I've finished reading it.

"It must be someone close to us" Kim said. Jug nodded. If E's love is somewhat close to us, who can that be? "But we never had other friends other than.. wait" I said. I smirked. There's only one person who's actually close to us. "What?" Jason asked me. "Maybe it's Ash" I told them. "No... No you've got to be kidding me. I mean, Ash is harmless. She doesn't know what we are and she's not aware of the things we do" Zach defended. "This is the first note we've received" Jug said. "And maybe it's Ash. Zach I'm sorry but there's no one else to suspect." He added. "But she wasn't there! For Pete's sake" Zach almost yelled. I am somewhat annoyed how he's defending that Ash.

"But Ash was with us earlier that night. And you only knew her for 2 months. For 2 months, we've been investigating these murders. Aren't you thinking?" Kim said. Zach's face was red. He's angry but he knows we had a point. "Why do we always need to follow bullshits and we can't even have other friends. Fuck this bullshits" Zach said, and walked out. I lowered my head. Is he blind or something?

"You guys are not allowed to talk to anyone you think is suspicious. We need to work with the CIA now. We need extra help in tracking" Jug told us. We all nodded. Who could that be? Is it really Ash? If it's Ash then Theo is connected to the crime. But the question is, what's the connection between Theo Laynon and Ash Franklin?

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