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"Good morning, guys" Zach greeted the moment he got in our table. "Morning" we all said in chorus. My head seriously hurts. I haven't really slept last night. I dreamt about that scene again. I don't know what's happening to me. All of the sudden, this dreams came.

"You look like you didn't have some sleep last night. What happened?" Kim asked. Wow she's not treating me in a cold way now. "I did slept last night. Excuse me" I excused since I have a sudden urge to vomit. What the hell is happening.

"Wait what's wrong?" Kim held my arm. I glared at her. I need to go to the bathroom. "I'm gonna be late. Let go of me" I told her, trying so hard not to vomit in front of them.

"What's happening?" Billy interacted. I gave him a look that he knows the reason. "Kim let her go" he added. Kim loss her grip to my arm and I ran to the nearest bathroom. My head still hurts like a shit. Maybe I need some rest. After I puked, I made my way to the school's clinic.

"Hey Trini. What's wrong? You look pale" Mrs. Samson, our school doctor asked me. "I barely slept for days. And I keep dreaming about something from the past.. though I don't know who the persons in it are" I explained. She just nodded. "Drink this and take some sleep. You must be tired" She said as she handed me an Advil. I nodded and took the small capsule. I went to a small room where the beds are and tried to sleep.

"If you need anything, I'm just outside." Mrs. Samson told me. I smiled. "Thanks, Mrs. Samson" I said and she smiled and left me. I haven't slept since the first time I dreamt about I don't know what to call it. Why is this happening to me? I never had insomnia. Why is this happening to me?

"This society will kills us, my love. We need to fight for our lives to live" the woman told me. "No... We can't kill anyone. We can't just take their lives. We are not killers" I disagreed. She looked at my way, glaring. "They will. And what are you gonna do? Wait for them to look for us and treat us like animals? Honey you need to wake up" She told me with disbelief. We can't do that. We can't just simply kill anyone.

She left me alone after that conversation. I tried to go home and explain to my mama why im no normal.

"The prodigal daughter is back. What brought you here?" The man beside my mother asked. I glared at him. He doesn't know anything about me. He doesn't have any rights to make me feel down. "You're not my father so shut your mouth. I came to see my mama" I told him. He just smiled ironically. "Well.. she's not your mama now, niña. She disowned you" he added. I, for once, was in silence. What?

"Shocked? You see.. people like you.. doesn't deserve to live normally. You deserve nothing from everything. You're not like everyone. You are a wasted person who don't mean anything in our society. You're worthless. You, I mean people like you, needs to die. We don't need you in our society. You're just a dirt" he said, smiling. I wanna punch his goddamned face. His arrogance is fucking bullshit. I smiled.

"You know who's the real worthless here? You are. You are nothing but a person who judges and gives orders to people. You never cared about anyone. And you know what? I don't even know why my mother married you! My father is nothing like you. He's a great man! And you? You're fucking loser" I told him and left. Maybe it's not the right time to talk to my mama.

"How is she, Mrs. Samson? She didn't go to class this whole day" I've heard someone asked. "She's taken some pills for her to sleep. She was sleepless and exhausted earlier. Good thing she have slept" Mrs. Samson answered. Damn what the hell is wrong with my dream? At least I've slept tho. But that doesn't change anything. I got up and fixed myself

"Oh there she is" Mrs. Samson said. The girl turned to see me. "Hi" she said. I looked at her. "Hey" I greeted back. "So, Trini. Ms. Hart wants to check on you. You've been sleeping for 10 hours" Mrs. Samson told me. Wow 10 hours. "It's okay Mrs. Samson. Thank you" I said. "Let's go home?" Kim asked me. I just nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me you have trouble sleeping?" She asked me as we made our way to our house. "I thought it was nothing. I mean it might be because of stress and studies." I told her. She just nodded. "But you still didn't tell me" she insisted. I just sighed. "I know there's something wrong. You can tell me you know" she said as she stopped walking. I stopped and looked at her. Like seriously.

"You've been acting weird to me lately" I told her. Her face suddenly changed. More like flustered. "No I wasn't." She said, looking away and continued to walk. "Yes you are" I insisted. She just sighed. "You are really numb wow" she mumbled. I looked at her. "What?"

"Nothing, Ms. Oblivious. Come on, get in and get some rest" she said as we reached our house. "I think I had enough rest today" I told her. She just smiled. "Whatever. Just rest and we'll meet tomorrow." She said, smiling. Though I know that smile is fake. "Okayyyy. See you tomorrow" I said. She just smiled and nodded.

I walked in our house and sat in our couch. I need to get some more rest.

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