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"Kim" I called her. She turned her head around but she didn't mind my presence. Ouch. I sat beside her and she still didn't say a word. "Fine if you won't speak to me then just listen... I just wanna say I'm sorry... I really am... I don't even know what happened to me and all I can remember is what happened a week ago though in reality, it happened 6 months ago... Can you believe it? I've been out of nowhere for 6 months... And no one told me I was acting really weird and I don't even know why you're acting weird and Zach told me I should talk to you but I think this doesn't make any sense since you won't talk to me.." I told her. I looked at her, still staring to the sky. I sighed "This is nonsense. God why am I so stupid?" I ranted and stood up. She just stared at me. I just stared at her and walked away.

I was halfway away from her when I felt a pair of soft hands touching my arm. "Don't go... I'll tell you everything but promise me not to uhmm n-not to" she said, somewhat awkwardly. I looked at her. Her face was starting to get red I just nodded and she sighed. "Can we go back there?" She asked. "Sure" I said as we made our way back to the stone we were sitting at.

"So.. uhm where'd you wanna start?" She asked. "After the night I made dinner for you guys at Jason's house" I said. (Chapter 12 guys) "okay... That night" she said and smiled.


Kimberly's POV

"Why don't you two date already? I mean you obviously love each other MORE THAN FRIENDS so why not right?" Billy asked as during our dinner. I just smiled "I was about to ask her to go on a date but you just ruined everything" Trini said, half jokingly. Wait what? I looked at her. She was smiling at me "unless you don't want to?" She asked, sort of awkward since my face basically can't be drawn after what she said. "Of course I will" I said, in a hurry. "AHA MY SHIP IS ON BOARD!" Zach yelled, with his mouth full. "Shut up when your mouth is full!!" Jason yelled at him "shawryyy" he said with his mouth full of pasta.

"Wait so are you two like officially dating now, like really?" Billy asked. I looked at Trini "I, myself, don't know" she said, smiling at me. I looked away after I felt my face turn red. "LET'S GIVE THEM SOME SPACE AND LET'S GET OUTTA HERE THEY'RE GONNA MAKE A BABY LATER! WE'LL BE BACK TOMORROW MUMS. DON'T USE THE COUCH THE FLOOR IS SO BIG AND-- OUCH WHAT THE FUCK" Zach yelled as Trini threw her shoe at him. "Stop fucking yelling, child." She said, glaring at him. "Yesh mum" Zach answered like a child.

I almost laughed at his expression. "Okay but seriously, we're going out. Ash wants us to hang out with her today so yeah see ya guys tomorrow" Jason said. I just nodded, not understanding what's happening around me. "Don't use my damn couch though... I fucking swear" Jason added with a wide smile on his name and they all left.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked Trini though she just stared at me like I'm the most oblivious person she ever know "seriously?" She asked. "Want some cola?" She added. "No, I'm good thanks" I told her

"Look... I know we've been hanging out so much lately and I'm not numb not to know how you felt... I'm just awkward to say that and you know me... I don't like opening up with anyone and-" "So I'm not anyone?" I cutted her. She scratched her head and looked down. Wait is her red? Omg she's actually blushing! I left out a laugh. "You know you were never just 'anyone' to me... You know that from the beginning" she said, not looking at me. I stared at her. "Sit" I asked her as she did sit in front of me.

"Are you gonna ask me out?" I asked her. She looked at her feet "uhm.. a-actually.. y-n-yeao?.. I mean uhm" she continued stuttering her words. I laughed at her "okay why are you laughing?" She asked, all of the sudden. "No. Definitely not laughing" I said, tryna stop myself laughing. "YES YOU ARE! OMG DON'T YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO ADMIT HOW I FEEL FOR YOU? LIKE HOW WORRIED I GET WHEN YOU'RE IN TROUBLE? OR WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR TANTRUMS? HOW CRAZY IT IS TO SEE YOU FLIRTING WITH JASON? DONT YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND IT KILLS ME? THAT I WOULD DO EVERYTHING AND SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR YOU? DO--" "You said you love me" I cutted her, smiling. She loves me. She actually do. "W-what?" She asked, looking away from my eyes.

"Oh for the love of God will you stop being coward?" I asked her "I'M NOT A COWARD" She yelled "THEN PROVE IT" I asked her. After few seconds, I felt a pair of soft lips gently touching mine. Like a vanilla latte touching my soul from the most fragile and shallowest way. I felt her lips left mine and no one spoke for a minute or two.

"So... uhm.. y-you know?.. I mean a-are you m-mad?" She asked as she broke the silence. I'm still shocked of what just happened. "Mad? Are you insane?" I asked her back, smiling. And she smiled back "so I'm not a coward?" She asked me, smiling. "No you still are a coward" I teased her. "Oh come on!.. so.. are we uhm.. officially dating now or--" "OF COURSE WE ARE!" I yelled and kissed her again. I smiled at her after the kiss "I knew you liked me from the very beginning" she teased "oh no Missy. Don't twist the knife" I told her and kissed her again


"So you're saying, 6 months ago we started dating? So you're actually my girlfriend?" Trini asked. I just nodded "so.. how long's was I lost again?" She asked again. "After the day we were on a date and have some rough argument" I told her.

"I knew you were jealous whenever I talk to Zach!" She said happily. I smiled at her. "Of course I am. You are my only amor" I said. She hugged me "te amo, mi princesa" she said. I looked at her "te amo, mi amor" I replied and kissed her after 3 months

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