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The Curse by LernJergi-slays-me
The Curseby Anjani
Prompt: "A woman is cursed by the gods to kill any man she falls in love with." There is more to the prompt, but this one shot focuses on just the part above...
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Pink and Yellow - Trimberly by Banana_ShakeIV
Pink and Yellow - Trimberlyby Banana_ShakeIV
The Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan, struggles with her past and new feelings. Isolating herself from the world and her teammates , she loses sight of what's most important to...
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Trimberly by shane-ister
Trimberlyby Shane Eva
Just a bunch of pics and Tumblr stuff about trimberly that I looked up because I have no life.
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Quiet Is My Middle Name by clexylexy
Quiet Is My Middle Nameby Sarah
Kimberly sneaks through Trini's window late at night... (Trimberly One-Shot)
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Wild Pitch (Trimberly) by TheMortalArtifices
Wild Pitch (Trimberly)by Jasun
This story is not mine. All rights go to the rightful owner, I'm just putting it on here.
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Trimberly One Shots by TriangleSandwich
Trimberly One Shotsby Olivia
I've been wanting to write a Trimberly fic for a while but I wasn't sure how to write it so here are some random ones. Honestly, these are gonna suck ass. I have no idea...
I Feel You by Luna_22_96
I Feel Youby Luna Rey
¿Te imaginas despertar un día con el dolor de cabeza de otra persona? Trini Gomez lo vivió desde el primer día que se mudó a Angel Grove. No, no despertaban cada día con...
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The Bet -Trimberly/TrinixKimberly by CoolUsernameThx
The Bet -Trimberly/TrinixKimberlyby CoolUsernameThx
Slightly Au Who would have thought? The Queen Bee and the Nobody. It was cliche but that's how it worked out for these two girls... A Bet made from hatred turns into a b...
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Trimberly by geek_and_nina
Trimberlyby geek_and_nina
Trini and Kimberly from Saban's Power Rangers (2017) also known as Pink Lemonade
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Trimberly one shots by milamila82301
Trimberly one shotsby milamila82301
a bunch of random oneshots of trimberly you guys can request some if you like
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"Enough is Enough" by Jerrie_girl69
"Enough is Enough"by .
One shots.
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Trimberly Oneshots  by paradoxicalpain
Trimberly Oneshots by paradoxicalpain
Title pretty much gives it away, oneshots about the power rangers couple (trinixkimberly) to me they are canon.
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Notes (TRIMBERLY) by laurenscamilaaa
Notes (TRIMBERLY)by hannah
Trini had feelings for Kim before they were best friends. It was more like a crush but that didn't last long. In the present, Zach, Billy, and Jason, Trini's new group o...
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Trimberly OneShots by callmeVee
Trimberly OneShotsby callmeVee
Trimberly's quick stories based on prompts I find out there. If you have any prompt, feel free to send them to or message me here :)
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Trimberly one shots  by FairyTailfangirl15
Trimberly one shots by Veronica Arsenault
short stories about the ship Trini x kimberly from the power rangers movie
It Was Called "Yellow" - Sequel to Pink and Yellow  by Banana_ShakeIV
It Was Called "Yellow" - Sequel Banana_ShakeIV
Sequel to Pink and Yellow
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HMU | TRIMBERLY by santiazgo
HMU | TRIMBERLYby liss!!!
hmu babygirl
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Sleepover - English Version by normanismygirl
Sleepover - English Versionby Sara
After a bottle of vodka Trini confesses her feelings.
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A Fair-ly Good Time by galianogangster
A Fair-ly Good Timeby Mevie Trash
Kimberly goes to the county fair by herself, only to find a few familiar faces and one new, beautiful one. -Will continue if there's interest-
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Colors by itsharmonizerlove
Colorsby itsharmonizerlove
~One Shot~ Not my story ~ From Tumblr~ Everyone keeps asking why they both keep wearing pink and yellow color scheme mixed together (they share clothes)
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