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"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked mother
"Tell you what, mi niña?" She asked me back, confused. I turned from my position to face her
"That we are free to fall in love with anyone..." I told her as tears starts to fall from my eyes.
"Of course we are, darling! Why wou--"
"No matter what their gender is, mama. Why didn't you tell me?" I continued. She was frozen after I said those words.
"What do you mean?" She asked in a very cold way. Tears doesn't stop falling from my eyes.
"I love a woman, mama" I told her and looked in her eyes. Her eyes that shows disgust and fear.
"No you can't. YOU'RE NOT IN LOVE WITH A WOMAN" She yelled as she ran off my room. Why does this even happen to me? I looked at her photo in my hand. Why am I inlove with my best-friend?

"TRINI WAKE UP!" My brother yelled.
"What happened?" My mom came in my room, scared.
"She won't wake up, mama! We've been trying to wake her up but she won't" my other brother told my mom. Wait what?

"Kahdgxkaks" I told them. They all looked at me as if I'm a comatose patient who started talking. What the.

"TRINI OMG I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" My brothers are so dumb. Argh. My head hurts like hell. What the hell happened.

"Oh my Zeus! I WAS SLEEPING" I told them. My mom slowly get off my room.
"Get out my room though. I wanna sleep" I told them
"Damn bro! She's not dead she was just sleeping! Blahblahblahblahblah..."

*I do my makeup in somebody else's car~ we ordered different drinks at the same bar~ I kn--*

"Get your ass in the office. We found something"

What? Is that Kim? Why was that so straight forward? Instead of stressing because of that, I got up and do my morning routine. I don't know if it's still morning so whatever.

"What's all about this meeting?" I asked as I enter the room. "We found a clue who the murderer might be. But we're not that sure." Jason said. I nodded. "Then, who is it?" I asked them. Jug shook his head. "We still don't know. We don't know if she's a he or he's a she. But that person might be connected to Grious." Jug explained. I nodded. So Grious. It might be Theo Laynon. "And it's not Theo Laynon. He was on his way to Paris that time." Kim added. I nodded. I've noticed that Kim was being so.. uhm what do you call this? Err. Quietly distant. Not to everyone tho. Only to me.

"We need to find who this person is. We can't let them kill all the people in this town." Zach said. I just shook my head. It suddenly hurts. And the dream I had was weird. I called someone else my mom. She actually looked like someone I saw in a historical book. I'm not sure who she is tho. I don't really like the aura of that dream. And the girl who I was inlove with was a blur. I don't understand.

"Hey Trini, are you okay?" Zach suddenly asked me. I smiled at him. "Yea I am. It's just a headache" I explained. "You should go home" Billy added. "No. I mean, I don't need to. It's just a headache it's no big deal." I told them. "Let her do what she wants, guys" Kim said. I looked at her. Why is she being so cold to me? I can't even think about anything I've done to her that would make her act like that.

"Maybe you're right, Billy. I need to go" I told them and left. I didn't wait for them to answer. I need to keep my head in its place. We don't have classes so I'm just gonna stay in the park. It's 8Pm so it's just fine to stay there. I sat on the swing and think about that dream. It felt so real.

Why did I even have that dream? Why was the place familiar? Even the person there was familiar. Why was I in that dream? I don't know what's happening. This shouldn't be what it should be.

I was in deep thought and lost count of time. It's already late. My mom must be worried sick about me.

"Where were you, Trini?" My mom asked me. It's 2am and I'm dying for sleep. "I went to the library and did my project" I lied. She seems not to look convinced with my excuse. "It's 2 in the morning for Pete's sake" she half scolded. "Kim went here earlier. She said you left them" she said. So she went here? Perfect. "Because I was at the library. Mom can you please let me sleep? I'm so damn tired" I said to her. She sighed and nodded. "Good night, niña" I looked at her. "Good night, mama" and I went to my room.

I changed into my comfortable shirt and sleep. Wished never to dream about that dream again.

"How could you love her? SHE'S YOUR BESTFRIEND" the woman yelled to the girl in front of me. "It's not her fault she fell in love in an abnormal way. It's no one's" I said. "You" the older woman said, pointing at me "you are the reason why she is not normal! Do you know what shame will come to our family?! Do you have any idea?!" The woman yelled. I heard the girl sobbed. I hugged her from the back. "Get out of here. I DONT EVER WANNA SEE YOU FACE AGAIN. EVER" The woman scolded at us and pointed the door. "LEAVE"
And we left the enormous mansion with the middle-aged woman

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