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"So... You guys were together yesterday?" Zach asked us. It's our break and the five of us gathered in our table in the cafeteria.

"You didn't invite us?" Billy added. I stared at him. "Even I didn't know we'll hang out" I told them. Shaking my shoulders.

"Whatever. You liked my company" Kim mocked me. I just stared at her and frowned. "THIS IS SO COOL" Billy yelled. All attentions was on him.

"What?" I asked him. He just grinned together with Zach. Okay now this is creepy. I looked at Kim, who's as clueless as I am. "Trimberly moment, ay?" Zach mocked. What? Trimberly?
"Trimberly?" Kim asked. "TRINI AND KIMBERLY = TRIMBERLY. DONT BE DUMB" Zach stated. My eyes had gone wider. Wtf?

"I told you that's a good ship name" Billy said to Zach who just grinned. "You just shipped me with this girl?!" I asked them. More like, yelled at them while pointing my index finger to Kim.

"Yeah. What's the matter​, Trini?" Jason asked me. Wow. I'm... I'm speechless. "Idiots. Why would you ship me with her? I don't like her like that" Kim said blankly. Okay what.

"HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA" Zach and Billy laughed out loud. Damn. What's happening? I don't understand. I looked at Jason asking for answers and he just smiled. What

"Oblivious" Jason said to me and walked out. "I have history class with you Kim. Come on I don't wanna be late" he said before he left. I looked at Kim who stands from her chair. Wow. No good-byes like usual?

"We have chemistry Zach" Billy said to Zach. What. The. Hell.
They've all left me alone in our table. What the hell just happened?

I had my geometry class and as far as I know how I love this subject, I wasn't in the mood to learn. My friends are acting weird and called me oblivious. I don't understand.

"Yes. What's wrong with it?" Jason asked me. Oh god. What the hell.
I just frowned and left the table. Why are they being weird all of the sudden? I made my way to my classroom and the thought of my friends acting weird is still in my head.

"Ms. Kwan, are you with us or your mind is lost somewhere in our Galaxy?" Our professor asked me. I just stared at him and read my book. Argh.

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