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"I'm sorry but I can't tell you... Not today, not tomorrow. Not ever. But you know I trust you, right?" I asked her. She just stared at me. After a minute or 2, she said something. "Who are you?" She asked. What? She's asking me who I am? "What?" I asked her back. She looked me in the eyes. "Who are you?!" She half-yelled. Wait what the hell is happening?

"I'm Trini! What the fuck are you asking me?" I asked her, tryna calm my nerves. Why would she ask me who I am? She just shook her head and turned her back. "You know, even if you won't tell me... I still trust you... You are my best friend, Trini. But I don't think I am yours" she said and left. Okay what the fuck just happened?

"What the fucked is wrong with you?!" I yelled after she left. But I guess she didn't hear that. I shook my head to remove what she asked and made my way home.

"She's not our Trini" Jason said when I got in our place. "What do you mean she's not her? It's her for fucks sake." Zach said. What is happening? I hide before the wall to hear what they're talking about. "You know she was lost for a week before she suddenly came back, not knowing she was lost with her attitude not the same. And we can't tell her since she might have us for not telling her" Jason explained. What? I was lost? For a week? "But that doesn't make any sense! She's still here! She's still our Trini! What the fuck is wrong with you guys?" Zach asked. "Nothing's wrong with us... To you there is" Billy said. "I don't know her anymore... I miss the old Trini" Kim said. What the? Changed? Have I changed? OF COURSE NOT WHAT THE HELL. I walked out after hearing what they're talking about and made my way to our school.

"Isn't she the girl who was missing for months?" I heard a freshman said to his friends. "Where did she go?" Another kid asked. Rumors. "Do you think she was pregnant that's why she ran away?" Wait what? Pregnant? Oh please. "TRINI!!!" I've heard someone called from the back. I know her voice and I didn't look back. She thinks I'm not myself. How can she?

"Will you stop for a while? Hello? Trini!-" I heard her yelling, almost near me. I walked faster so that she won't get me but "goddamnit! Why are you not talking to me?!" Kim asked as she was beside me, holding a grip to my hand. I just stared to my hand. Poor thing. "You know I've been waiting for you to come to the office but I've heard that you came there and left afterwards. What happened?" She asked.

"I don't know" I said "ask the real 'Trini'" I mumbled. "What?" She asked again, with disbelief. She's starting to annoy the shit outta me. "I SAID I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled. I turned around and saw a kind of expression I've never seen before from Kim. I've realized that I never yelled at her and this is the very first time. Omg. I'm such an ass. "K-Kim I-I'm so sorry I-I didn't mean--" she cutted my words through walking out. "Why are you so stupid huh, Trinity?!" I asked myself as I got my bag.

"What happened?" Zach asked me as I got into our class. I just stared at him and gave him a weak smile. "I don't know myself anymore, Zach" I told him truthfully. I looked down after saying those words. "I know you've heard what we were talking about earlier.. it's just that you were lost for a while and you came back out of nowhere and we were so happy and we forgot who kidnapped you till they felt and said you were actually not being our Trini" he explained. "So I was really lost" I said, ironically.

"Can we talk this out later? I know we're acting like arses but we are doing this for you" he said. I just nodded since our professor is already here.

Our class went well.. I mean sorta. I don't actually know I never listen I just read books and prefer to study alone. "So..." Zach said. I turned to look at him and he started explaining. "We found a clue about the person who took you and we're now investigating.. it actually means something like you know what this person but no one knows her. It's like you communicate through something we can't.. and we don't know what she's doing to you and we don't wanna lose you so we kept it.. I mean they kept it from me for months and I just found out yesterday. And Kim.. she just wanna safe, Trini. Do you understand? We all want you to be safe" he said. I lost words from what really happened. I don't know what's happening and it's ruining everything I have. He hugged me and I hugged him back. It feels so good to have someone who still believes in you after what happened.

"We need to find this person Trini because... She's the person behind all these murder cases we can't solve" what "B-But how?" I asked. "The notes Trini. The notes every time there's a murder committed. They're all for you" he said. "We need to find who that person is" I said "But first, talk to Kim. She doesn't deserve to be treated like that you know. I can't ship you two with anyone else" he mocked. I slapped his head. "Idiot" I said and smiled.

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