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Trini's POV

I was walking down the streets, making my way to the waffle house when I felt something weird. I turned my head to look if there's someone following me but nothing. Yesterday, Kim explained to me everything. About how they found out I was missing, how the notes the murderer left for me made sense and how much I was actually in love with her. I smiled like an idiot with the thought of her.

'Kimberly Hart is mine'

I ordered my regular and paid the cashier. I left the waffle house with the same feeling of being followed. What the hell. I turned again but still nothing. Something's wrong. My instincts were never wrong so, instead of going to our office, I made my way to our school and texted Zach I'm not going there anymore because I'm not feeling good and he replied okay and take care. What a sweet kid.

I was at the front gate of the school and the feeling never left me. I walked as fast as I can to the building where my first class is about to start. I looked back and still nothing. I half ran towards my lockers when

"Tryna run from something?" I saw Kim smiling to me. My eyes widened because of the adrenaline that's running through my veins. When she realized I wasn't moving she asked "Babe, are you okay? You look pale" It took me few minutes to get my ass back to reality and nodded. "No I'm fine" I said and kissed her warm pink lips "It's just cold" I told her, truthfully. She just laughed at me.

I looked at her with a questioning look. "It's almost summer and you said it's cold. Hahaha it's actually pretty hot" she said which was true. "I'm not feeling fine so I think it's still winter" I joked. She smiled and kissed me again. "Stop fooling around, babe. Let's get you to your class" she said as we made our way to my classroom.

Kim keeps on talking and I'm just listening and answering some of her questions but the thought of being followed is still here. "We're here. Okay babe, see you at break?" She asked. I smiled. "Yes. Love you" I said and kissed her on the cheek because I can't be on the same level of her lips. Sigh. Why is my height so cute? She just laughed. "Love you too. Text me" she winked and kissed my forehead. "I will" I said and waved at her.

I went inside the room where everyone was already there, chatting with their friends and stuff. I got to my sit beside the window at the back portion of the room where someone say next to me. I stared at her, rudely. Only Zach can sit beside me.
"Uhm excuse me miss but that sit is taken" I told her. She looked at me and just smiled and ignored what I just said. What the fuck? DID SHE JUST FREAKING IGNORED ME?

Holy cow girl you better get your ass some rest cause I'mma beat you!

I saw Zach waving at me as he entered the room and was shocked because someone is sitting on his place and I'm starting at her like I am about to kill her.

Zach went to our sits. "Miss I sit next to miss Trini. Can you find another sit?" He asked nicely. The girl just stared at him and nothing. WOW WHAT A BITCH. I got up from my chair and sat to the next row where no one sits because it's too far from the professor.

"Zach sit next to me." I asked him and Zach did. "Man that girl is fucking mad. She just ruined my morning" he whispered as the teacher walked inside the door

"Okay class, settle down. Now, I'm pretty sure you know that there's a new face inside this class, right? Let's welcome Eleanor Vikings, from North Carolina High." Everyone looked at her and she just smiled. Bitch.

The class went well for everyone except me after realizing we have almost the same schedule for the whole semester. Damn. The only subject we're not gonna meet is history.

"So I was saying, babe you need to sing for me for that parade. Yna is gonna sing for her girlfriend so I need my girlfriend to sing for me too because that is just unfair if you won't" Kim keeps on talking and talking about the upcoming 'Valentine's fair' this February. I just nodded to her and smiled and answer her if she asked me something.
"You're not in the mood. Why is that?" She asked. I stared at her and pouted.

"There was a girl named Eleanor, who is a new student, and she's in the same class as me and I hate her because she's a bitch" I told her. She just stared at me, trying so hard not to laugh. I raised my eyebrows at her. "Eleanor was your childhood friend, mi amor. How can you forget her?" She said and left me dumbfounded. With my mind blown and my heart beating no sound. "WHAT?" I asked her, more like yell and ask kinda thing. She was about to answer when the bell rang. "See you later during lunch, babe. I love you" she said and kissed me while I'm still dumbfounded. UNFAIIIRRR.

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