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A/N: "La duoleur exquise" killed my trimberly heart. Have you guys read it? It really killed me😭

"As blue as the sky
Your eyes were beautiful.
Your soul was the ocean
So deep and mysterious"

"Hey.. uhm.. have you ever fallen in love?" Kim asked me as I closed my locker. I chuckled. "Why did you ask?" I asked her. "Because your girlfriends only lasted for a month" she said, looking away. I laughed at her. "Then there goes your answer, Kim." I told her and winked. "What? That doesn't mak--"
"See you at break" I said and got in my classroom. It's been a while since I've talked to Kim the usual way. I mean we've been pretty busy after all those murder stuffs happened but gladly it stopped. I don't know the reason but I think it's a good thing. You know. Murders are ended.

My chemistry was quite boring because I'm hardly not a big fan of chemicals though I love experiments. I checked my phone after my third period and good Zeus. Zach texted me.

From: Zachiepoochi

Trini our classes are dismissed bc of personnel meeting. Let's all meet at Dorue's.

"Class, you're all gonna be sent home after this period for our personnel meeting. You are dismissed" our professor said. Well, Zach informed me first.

I got up and made my way to Dorue's.

My phone vibrated once again. It was from Zach again.


Don't mind what I've said. I have to go with Ash and Jason and Billy needs to go to the library. I haven't informed Kim so you can just hang with her ya know. Make some cute humans 😉 anyways, see you at 3"

What the hell? Cute humans? How am I supposed to make cute humans with Kim? Unless if I had a-- what the hell. That ass is so annoying. I just laughed at myself. "Laughing alone isn't healthy though.. you look like a crazy old woman" Kim said, amused from nowhere. I looked at her. "Haha Kim. Any plans?" I asked her. We have 4 hours spare before we'll meet Zach, Billy and Jason.

"I'm craving for doughnuts" she said, looking up as if she could see doughnuts up there. I laughed at her. "I think I'm not the crazy old woman here" I teased her. She just smiled. "No you still are. Let's go to Krispy Kreme. I'm starving" she said and grabbed my hand. I was caught off guard that I almost lost my balance akdhdjkans

"You're really not hungry" I told her as I saw how many doughnuts she ordered for herself. "I bought you one" she smiled like it's the biggest thing she have ever done. "One?" I jokingly cringe. "Yea one. But if you keep that face, I'll eat it anyways" she warned me. I smirked. "Oh really?" I teased. "Yeah." She said, eating her first doughnut. I just smiled. "Dork" I told her as I got up and bought my own doughnuts because she can eat 2 boxes all by herself. Smh.

We just hang out and talked about some stupid things we usually talk about for and hour and half when we decided to watch a movie. I don't know what's new today so we're going to the cinema.

"To: Zachiepoochi
Kim and I can't make it to Dorue's. We're out to watch a movie."

"Who are you texting to?" Kim asked me while she's driving since she won't let me her oh so new car. "Zach. I told him we can't make it to Dorue's" I told her. She just nodded. Why so serious. My phone vibrated.

"From: Zachiepoochi

Y'all gonna make cute hoomans 👀😎 it's okay. I was about to cancel since Billy and Jason is so damn busy."

What an idiot. "If not laughing alone, smiling alone. Who is that?" Kim asked again, sort of cold. What?
"It's Zach. What's with your tone?" I asked her. She just shook her head. "We're here" she said. "Okay" I said, giving up. This woman is so hard to read.

"What do you want to watch?" I asked her. We're picking between Baywatch and Wonderwoman. "I don't know. You pick. I'm gonna buy us some popcorn" she said. What? I'm so damn confused. I picked Baywatch since I've watched Wonderwoman yesterday. I bought two tickets and waited for Kim.

The movie wasn't starting yet when we entered the cinema. Maybe I could I ask her what's wrong right? Right.
"What's strong with you?" I asked her since she haven't even said any word after we entered. "Nothing I'm fine" she said, looking at her phone. She's obviously lying. "Why won't you just tell me?" I asked her with annoyance in my voice. She just stared at me ang sighed.

"Why can't we have a day alone? I miss my best friend" she said and looked away. I wasn't sure what to say. "I mean, if we're together, Jason, Zach and Billy are there. They're my friends too but you're my bestest, right?" She asked me. I can't even answer her. Argh. "You mean you wanna have a time with me alone?" I asked her. She just nodded and grabbed the drink in my hand. "Let's go. The movie will start" she said without looking at me. I held her hand before she could walk. "No we'll not go inside until you answer me" I told her. She sighed and stared at me. "Yes and can we please get in now? The movie is about to start" she said. I placed my hands to her face and made her lips smile. "That looks better. Come on" I told her and smiled as I grab her hand and got in the cinema.

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