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A/N: this is a trimberly chapter sndndj I love them so much

"Good noon, Mrs. Kwan. Is Trini home?" I heard someone downstairs.
"She's home. But I think she's still in bed" my mom told Kim. "I'm widely awake now, mom." I said, behind her. She almost jumped. And I, almost laughed at her but thank goodness, I didn't. "Oh goodness. Are you a ninja or something? Jesus. Oh Kim, get in." Mom said. I kept my face straight.

"Why did you visit?" I asked Kim as I closed my room's door. She just smiled. "Am I not allowed to visit my girl-best-friend?" She mocked. I rolled my eyes over her. "Let me rephrase. Why did you visit me this early?" I asked her. This time she's the one who rolled her eyes over me. "Early? Trini it's 13:12!" She said. I just stared at her.

"Don't move" I told her. Her eyes were widened. "What?" She asked, not moving. "Don't move, idiot" I told her. "WHY?" She asked me, scared. I almost laughed at her face. She looks adorable with her widened eyes. "There's a spider on your shoulder" I told her. And...

"FUCK GET THE FUCKING INSECT OFF ME GOODNESS GET THE CRAP OFF OMG OMG MOMMY" she yelled. And what? Mommy? And from there, I laughed at her as if tomorrow's never gonna come.

"What happened?! Why are you yelling, Kim??!" Mom got in my room. She was nervous because Kim was screaming to the top of her lungs.
"Nothing mom. Just a spider" I told Mom, trying so hard to hold my laughter. "Goodness. You kids gives me heart attacks" mom said as she exited my room. And...

"HAHHAHAHAHHAHA" I bursted my laughter. I was rolling in my bed. Kim glared at me and I, somehow, managed myself to refrain myself from laughing. I looked up her face then I realized there were tears on her cheek and laughed again "HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA OMG YOU CRIED BECAUSE OF A SMALL SPIDER" I continued laughing.

"Shut up! I wasn't crying!" She defended herself. I can't stop laughing at her. She's so defensive and her face was so scared. She groaned "You're so annoying!" She yelled. I tried so hard not to laugh. "Why thank you, milady. I'm going to shower now. Hope little Spidey will accompany you while I'm in there" I told her, pointing at my shower room. "IDIOT!" she yelled as I enter my bathroom. Her expression was priceless.

"So what's your plan today?" She asked me. I was reading the essay I wrote last night. "Nothing but nothing. I never had plans." I told her, not looking at her. I think I'm not the one who wrote this essay. "What's that?" She asked. "Nothing. Do you have plans?" I asked her. She smiled. "Will you join me then?" She asked back. I stared at her. "No" I said. I need to re-write my last essay.

"Then I don't have plans..." She said, annoyed. I looked up at her asking 'seriously' through my eyes. She just nod. I lowered my head and continued doing my essay. I need to finish this. "Or maybe I have a plan. And that still includes you in it" she said. I moved my head up again to look at her "I won't participate in your girly stuffs, Kim. I won't" I told her, still working. What the hell. Where the fuck did I get these crazy ideas I had in my essay?

"My plan is to stare at you for hours. You don't need to do anything. Just stay where you are and do your thing" she said. I looked up at her. "Whatever. Don't bother me" I told her. Omg. My essay is hilarious.

I was re-writing the last part of my essay. And to be honest, it's been an hour since I'm writing it. An hour of Kimberly Hart staring at me. I'm actually self-conscious now. It's kinda awkward. "Will you stop staring at me?" I looked up at her. "I have no other plan than this." She mocked. I groaned. I can't finish my essay like this.

"Fine. What do you want to do?" I asked her. She smiled, victoriously. I rolled my eyes. Dork. "Let's watch a movie" she said, excitedly. Girly stuffs. I rolled my eyes again.  "Whatever you say. I'm getting some foods to eat. Wait here and don't move" I told her and got out of my room.

"You're watching a movie with Kim? Is this a miracle or something?" My brother asked me. "Tell me about it, bro." I just shook my head and led my ass way up to my room. Kids.

"So what are we watching?" I asked her as I got in my room. She smirked. "Annabelle" she said, excitedly. I'm not scared of dolls so it's fine. I'm not that scared of anything tho except some things that are actually considerable as natural fears of humans. "Okay then" I told her. The movie started calmly. The usual start of horror movies. I looked at her and she was hiding behind a pillow. I just smiled secretly. She looks adorable.

In the middle part where Annabelle was trying to kill the other characters one by one made Kim jump. I just held her closer to me. I thought she wasn't scared of dolls since she wanted to watch this.

"You look horribly scared" I told her after the movie. She just rolled her eyes. "no I'm not" she defended. I laughed at her. "Yes you are. Goodness it's not even that scary" I told her as I got up to go to the bathroom. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" She asked me. I almost jumped since she suddenly shouted. "Goodness! To the bathroom!" I told her. She looked pretty scared. "Don't leave me" she said. I wanna laugh at her face but I really need to pee. "I'm just gonna pee, Kim. It's for like a minute." I told her, getting my ass of the bed. "No" she said. What the fuck? "I NEED TO PEE GET OFF ME!" I yelled. She suddenly jumped in my lap so I can't stand. What is wrong with this girl?

"I'm scared! Don't leave me!" She said.  I laughed at her. "I'm just gonna pee. I'm not gonna leave you. Don't worry" I told her. She got off my lap thankfully. "Good" she said and I got myself in the bathroom. What a crazy friend I had.

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