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Trini's POV

Ash didn't get Kim so she came to Zach, who's obviously not knowing who he's hitting on. Ash is gay. I know her. Before I met those 4 idiots, I was stalking Kim, since I liked her. LIKED. Past. Anyways, I need to tell Kim about her old friend getting close to Zach. Something's definitely wrong. She's never into guys. And I think she's into something that Kim has, or any of us has. I think she's using Zach to get Kim too. What an arse.

"Trini, where's Kim? She takes forever getting ready!" Zach said. I just laughed at him. "I'm sorry for being a girl who needs to do make up and stuffs" Kim said, rolling her eyes to Zach.

"But nothing changed in your face?" Zach continued to annoy Kim and I hop in Jason's car. My mom's gonna kill me.

"Hey Jay, I asked Ash if she wanted to hangout with us. Is it fine?" Zach said the moment he entered​ the car. What? "Yeah it's fine. As long as you don't make out in front of our faces" Jason said.

"Aww are you jealous, babe? HAHAHAHA" Zach mocked. Jason rolled his eyes and laughed. Idiots. I called my mom to tell her where I am because obviously she'll panick not knowing where tf I am.

"Mom, I'm not 13, I'll be home before midnight. Love you" Billy said to her mom through phone call. I checked my phone and called mom. "LET'S GO" Kim said as the car moved.

"Mom" I said. "Hey what's wrong honey? Are you in trouble? Where are you?" Seriously? I rolled my eyes as if my mom can see it. "No mom, I'm hanging out with my friends tonight. I'll be home before midnight" I told her. "Oh, do you need me to pick you up from there? Where are you by the way?" I rolled my eyes for the second time. "No need mom, we have Jay's car. We're going to a bar." I said. "On a Wednesday night?" She said, with disbelief. "Yep. We're almost there, I need to go." I said and ended the phone call.

"Yo mum needs to chill" Zach said, almost laughing. I jokingly glared at him. "She doesn't know the word chill, Zach" I said laughing with him. "Hey Bill, you finished with that book you told me you'll lend me?" Kim asked Billy. What? Since when did she have interest in books?

"Since when did you put your interest to books??!" Zach said, with disbelief. I, for the second time today, is shook.

"This day. Shut up Zach I need to read a bunch of books" Kim said. "When did you learn to read?" Zach continued. I stared at the window. What the hell is happening?

"Since I was in kindergarten! Goodness, Bill, when can I get it?" And they continued their oh so unbelievable topic. WTH is wrong with Kim tho? She's doing homework, reading books. What's next? She became a lawyer fighting against trials??!

I was completely lost half of the drive when something caught my attention. I saw a Ash's car in front of Theo's bar. Theo Laynon. Top business man in our state and a millionaire. There are some rumors about him being a part of Griuos. A group of some drug dealers from the South side of the town. They're pretty dangerous. Why the hell is Ash with him? I saw Theo kissed Ash's cheeks before she left the bar. Probably going to where we're headed. That bitch is pretty shady.

"SHE SHOULD KEEP IN MIND, SHE SHOULD KEEP IN MINE THERE'S NOTHING I DO BETTER THAN REVENGE, HAH!" Kim sang along with Taylor Swift's voice. Billy is banging his head with the beat of the song. Zach is just smiling, taking Kim's photos or video I think, while she sang. And Jason being Jason. Driving us to the bar.

Why am I friends with these kinda people.

As we walk towards the bar entrance, the loud warm music welcomed us. We showed our ID's to the bouncer as we made our way to our cubicle.
"This place is awesome. This is my 3rd favorite place in this town!" Billy yelled. "HAHA! It's your first time inside a bar, right?! Welcome to the dark side, Billy boy!" Zach yelled back. We all laughed at Billy since he's really enjoying his first time inside a bar.

We were just talking and drinking when Zach excused himself to get Ash. Kim seems to look fine with it. Knowing that they had a secret relationship a year ago, she must be very uncomfortable. Maybe as uncomfortable as I am.

"You said we need to talk, can we talk now?" Kim asked me. I shook my head no. "Not here. I'll walk you home later. Your house is like few blocks from here." I said, smiling. I'm still curious why Ash was with Theo. Theo was our group's opponent. I mean we're not normal teenagers. We had something in us that not everyone has. We are more than normal.

"Guys! Meet Ash" Zach said, excitedly. "Hi Ash! I'm Billy. And this are Trini, Jason and Kim" Billy introduced us. I just nodded and she smiled sweetly to us. "Hi Kim! Long time no see! How are you?" Ash said to Kim. I looked at Kim. She looked at Ash and said "I always see your face in the corridors, and you're in the same class as me. And you still asks me how I am? Seriously? Are you dumb?" Kim said dryly. I almost laughed because of Ash looks so down after what Kim said. "Come on, Ash. Don't mind that girl. She's just jealous cause I'm dating you instead of her" Zach assured Ash who just smiled at him, sweetly. WTH?

"Trini, let's dance?" Kim asked me. I nod cause I don't wanna be a third wheel. I got up and Kim grabbed my hand to get in the center part where people are dancing.

"Why are you so mean to Ash?" I asked her as we dance. She just smiled at me and said "No reason? I just don't like her" she said and continued dancing. I smiled and continued to dance with her. As we got lost in music and alcohol somehow, Billy interrupted our night off.

"There's a murder committed next street. Let's go"

Can we have a freaking day-off? Argh

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