Chapter 14

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Jaspers pov

         After our little fun, Izzy feel asleep on the couch. I took her up to the extra bedroom. After awhile, I heard everyone come back in.

        I ran downstairs. " Where Izzy?" Emmet asked. " Upstairs sleeping" I said. The others looked shocked.

           " How is she sleeping?" Kirby asked. " It's one of her powers. She can have and give any human trait" I said. " One of them?" He said.

            " Yes. She's a copy cat" I say. Makenzie straightens up when she hears this. " Really?!" She asked. I nod my head.

         " Yay! I finally found someone like meď" she said. Just then, I got hit with a shit load of pain, fear, sadness, and regret.

             Izzy. I run upstairs with everyone to follow. She's slashing in her bead. " NOOOOO!" She started screaming, tears running down her face.

          " Izzy, Izzy wake up! Izzy!" I scream, shaking her. " Jasper, I'm sorry" she whimpered, crying. " Izzy! Wake up! It's just a dream!" I say.

          She jolts up, sweating and crying. She looks around frantically. She looks at me and relief floods her.

       She starts crying again and I pull her into me. " Jasper, I-I'm so sorry! She made me! I didn't have a choice! I don't know how, but she did! I di-"

        " Izzy, Izzy stop it! You are not there anymore. I know it's not your fault. None of us had a choice. We did what we had to do to survive" I told her.

         " But Jasper, I didn't want to. I refused. But she literally forced me. I told her I'd rather die. But i-it was like she was controlling me" she said.

        I started running my fingers through her hair. I saw her appearance slip. " Izzy, baby, put your cover up. It fell" I whispered to her.

         It slips back up but not before they can see. " Oh my god! What happened!?" Kendra asked.

         " Oh fuck" Izzy mutters. " Um, well. It, i, when w-" " Izzy, you don't have to tell them" I tell her. " It's fine. They need to know." She said.

         " Um, well I'll just start from the beginning. I was born in 1951. In 1968,  I ran away from my family anf joined the Confederate army. I lied about my age and gender. One day, I was out  checking the camp when I met someone named Maria. She was instantly intrigued by me. She knee I was a women the moment she met me. She turned me almost the moment we met. When I woke up, she told me what I was. What I was turned for. She was the leading army in the Southern Vampire Wars. She would change people and use Newborns to fight and claim land. After a year, she would have them killed. I felt this surge. I found out what my power was. I got several powers because there where hundred of newborns. When Maria found out, she made me her Major. She said I was alot like her previous Major. Skilled, and ruthless. For the first uear, I did everything she said. I was in my newborn year. I didn't know any better. I would, change and despose of the newborns. She would use my powers, make me torture them if they did something wrong. I was in charge of training them. The scars are from the bites. They where newborns. Bloodcrazed and murdereous. They didn't care what they did, as long as they got the one thing they wanted. Blood. One newborn had a certain power that Maria was interested in. They could literally kill someone from the inside out. They would inflict this burning pain, it was worse than the change. It would rip them apart from the inside out. But there was a backside to it. Everytime they would use it, it took a physical and mental toll on the user. It would transfer their pain into the user. Maria had me kill them immediately, but not before I tool that power. She would make me use it, she didn't care what it did to me. It would make me feel there pain, and then it was literally taking away my sanity. I would be weak for days. I was in the wars for about 50 years. I heard Maria talking to one of the newborns. Her name was Victoria. She ordered her to kill me. I was on the brink of insanity from the use of the power. When I heard this, I ran. But not before my second in command caught me. He went to kill me, but I used that power, one last time. That pushed me over. I was insane. I didn't know what to do. I started running. I kept running. Until I ran into Char and Peter. I met them hunting one night. I knew what they where. I fell to my knees and begged. Not for help. Not for food. For them to kill me. I couldn't go through it anymore. I would here these voices, telling me I was nothing. Nothing but a pawn for Maria. And that I needed to die. I should've died long ago. They wouldn't kill me. They took me to there place and feed me. After a few weeks, I was able to talk, sensably. I told them what happened. They helped me through it. The be came my parents. They helped me back to sanity. Well, as much as I could have. I would snap every once and awhile. They would help me back. I still have little snaps, going back to my insane state. I would run away for days, weeks at a time. It got better. Now, when it happens, I run off for a few hours. I would go through a frenzy almost. It's gotten a lot better since I met Jasper. I've only had one once, after the...incident." she finished.

       Oh god. She never told me all this. She never told me all this! Why didn't she tell me! I'm her mate for God's fucking sake! I couldn't hold him back, and major pushed loose.

       Major's pov

          " Why didn't you tell me!" I yelled. I was beyond furious. I stood up. Emmet and Edward grabbed me, pulling me back. I ripped put of their hold.

         " I'm your mate for fucks sake! You're supposed to tell me everything! You should've told me damn it!" I started yelling at her.

          " Major! Calm the fuck down! Your not helping anything!" Emmet yelled. Izzy was backed into a corner with tears in her eyes. She started shaking her head.

        " I should've known better" she mumbled and then got up and ran off. " This is no one's fault but yours." Emmet said. I turned and ran after her.

           I followed her scent, but then, it suddenly..... disappears.

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