Chapter 17

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Izzy pov
      " What happened" he asked. " I-i don't know, I got drunk and then I woke up and I had red eyes and blood was- god Jasper, I'm so sorry" I say

            " Izzy, it's ok. We've all had a slipup, well, exept Carlisle. But Izzy, you've only been on it for a few weeks, it happens" he says.

            " We need to get home Izzy, ev-" " No! Please don't make me go back, not now. Please, can we just stay" I ask. " Fine. But I'm telling Emmet." He said

           " Ok, completely fine with me" I said. He went and called Emmet. I went to go to the bed, but about halfway I started to feel sick.

          I ran to the bathroom and feel in front of the toilet, throwing up. Jasper came running in with the phone still in hand.

           " What's wrong? Are you ok" he asked, dropping the phone and knealing by me. " Yeah, just the stu-" I started throwing up again.

          " I hate alchohol" I mumble. Jasper laughs " I've told you, vampires can get drunk, how much did you drink?" He asked.

          " Like 10 bottle of Jack and then I don't know how many of the strongest from one club" I said. His eyes widened. " Izzy! Jeez!" He said.

          I started laughing. When I went to get up, I stumbled and felt a rush of tiredness go through me. What!

           I can't get tired! I only sleep because I have nothing else to do, and I like dreaming. I never did until I met Jasper because they only consisted of Maria. Now, most of the time, it's him.

             " You ok?" Jasper asked, helping me to the bed. " Uh, yeah. I just got sick from all the alchohol. I don't know why, but I feel really tired" I said.

           " Tired?" He said " Yeah, I dont know why." I said, yawning. He layed down and pulled me with him

         " Then go to sleep" he said pulling me to him. I start to protest, but darkness takes me.

         " Mommy!" A little girl calls. She comes running into the living room. " Yeah sugurcube?" I said picking her up.

           " Jace pulled my hair!" She whined. In comes running a little blonde boy. " I did not! Stop lying Bell" he yelled. They started arguing.

         " Queit! Did you or did you not pull her hair" I asked. " Yes mommy" he said. " Apologize and go to your room" I say.

             " Sorry Bell" he said and walked down the hallway. I got back to cooking dinner. When it's done, I yell " Get in here or don't eat!"

          The kids where still to young to hunt so we had to collect blood. I pulled out three bottle. 2 lion blood, and one deer.

           In comes 3 kids, and then Jasper walks in. " Hey honey" he says pulling me into him, kissing me.

          " Ewww! Mom! Dad!" Alec yelled. " Hush Alec!" We all went to the table and started eating. " Izzy" I hear Jasper say. I look at him but he's still eating.

          " Izzy, wake up" I hear again. " Izzy" the scene starts to fade. I slowly open my eyes and see Jasper. I smile.

         " Hey" I mumble. " Hey, what where you dreaming about?" He asked smiling. " How'd you know I was dreaming?" I ask.

          " You where projecting, alot" he says, chuckling. " Mmm, nothing much. There where 3 little kids, 2 boys and girl. It looked like they where ours" I said.

         " What where there names" he asked. " Jace and Alec, and the they called the other one bell, what ever that means" I said.

             " How are they ours?" He asked. " I don't know. But I can give human abilities. Couldn't that mean able to have a kid" I said.

         " I guess" he said. I get up and head to one of my bags. " Went shopping did we?" Jasper asks. " Yes, and we are doing the same for you" I said.

            I changed and then grabbed my wallet and phone " Come on" I say grabbing his hand and dragging him out.

         I have them bring the car out. We hope in and I head to the mall. When we get there, Jasper pulls me to a store. " We are here to get you clothes" I said.

        " Well, to bad" he said, dragging me into VS. " No." I say pulling back. " Yes" he said pulling me in. He goes to the lace section.

           " Jasper, no" I say. " Jasper yes" he says grabbing some. He pulls me to a changing room. He shuts the door and locks it.

          I just stand the and glare at him. " Go on, try them" he says handing them to me. " No. Unlock the door and let's go."

           " Not happening" he said. Of fuck him.


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