Chapter 16

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Izzys pov

           I wake up on a couch. I look around and realize this isn't my hotel.  I try to remeber last night.

      Mmm, Jack, poker, club, strip club, FUCK!  What the fuck am I doing! Damnit! Ohhhh fuck!

         I get up and walk around. I find a  bathroom. I walk on and see a mirror. I look in it and notice my eyes. Fuck!!! They're red oh fuck fuck fuck! What do I do!

                    I run around and fund a bedroom. There the guy from last night. He's dead. Oh god I killed him! Damnit Izzy! Why you let yourself get drunk!

        What am I going to do! They won't know it me. Do I just leave him? Do I hide the body? They won't see the bite marks.

        I can't do anything. I mean it's fucking Las Vegas. I look around and find my phone and wallet and leave. I change my eyes color to..... blue. I feel like blue.

            I head back to the hotel. When I get there I turn my phone on. I see I have 100 MISSED CALLS! I look and see most are Jasper or Dad. A few from the others.

         I look at text messages. I have several. From dad I have them consisting of Izzy get your ass back here, this isn't funny, I'll hunt you mother fucking ass down and when I do you'll be in a fuck ton of trouble, izzy stop fucking around, IZZY! I'M DONE WITH YOU SHIT! GET YOU FUCKING ASS TO THE FUCKING HOUSE BEFORE I FUCKING HAVE TO COME FUCKING FIND YOUĎ I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND!

          Then Jasper. Baby, please I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. Please come back- Izzy plase I wont do it again, I'm sorry, baby I love you. yeah right.- Izzy baby I'm sorry, everyone's worried, at least call.- Izzy, please come bacl. I can't live without you.

        I had several from the others. I started looking at the rest and then I saw one that caught my eyes.  IZZY! GET BACK HER! JASPER WAS BEING AN ASS! HE HAD NO RIGHT TO TELL AT YOU! Please Izzy, I miss you, Ares misses you. Please.

        Oh god, I totally forgot about Major, Are. God what am I gonna do. I dialled Emmets number. I couldn't call dad. And I couldn't call Jasper directly.

        He picked up. Hello? Emmet, don't flip. I don't want anyone to know it's me. Ok. Answer my question without giving me away. Is anyone around. No I don't want this deal. Ok, still don't give me away they could be listening. Has Majors taken over Jasper? Yes I'm sure! Ok, tell him to go to the woods. Take the phone to him. Ok, goodbye. He said.

       He didn't hang up. " Major, come with me" he said. " Why?" " Just do it" after a few seconds I hear izzy, is that you? Are you there?  Yes, Major I'm so sorry. I-i I couldn't take it. I need some time away. I love you, I really do. It's not your fault. I never told anyone about that, but I needed to say something. I was stupid to think that you would love me after you heard what happened. I was stupid to think that you would want me. I'm sorry for ever even co- you listen to me and you listen right now! I love you Izzy and nothing will change that. That wasn't your fault. She made you. Just like she made me, and Peter, and Char.  I don't care what happened back then, I love you. Now tell me where the hell you are! I won't tell anyone but I sure as hell am coming!  Major, no i- now! Fine. I'm in L.A. in some hotel called Wynn Las Vegas. And I hung up.

           What's he gonna say about my slip up? I went to the bathtub and turned it on. I got in and just relaxed. After a few hours, the intercom thing by the elevator came on.

         I got up and went to it. " Yes?" I say. " There's a Major Whitlock her who says he's you husband? Should I send him up?" He said. Mmm, husband. I like it.

         " Yes" I say. I wait by the elevator until it dings. It open and Major runs in and pulls me to him.

         " God Izzy, Jasper was stupid. I'm so sorry" he said. " Major. It's fine. It's not your fault. But you Jasper Whitlock, it is yours. Yes I kept it from you, because I was afraid that you wouldn't want me because of what I did. I was afraid that you would just turn away and leave me because eyou hated what I did. I hate myself  for it, so why wouldn't you" by the end I had tears streaming down my face.

        At times I really hate that power. And then, his eyes go back to their golden color. NOO! " Jasper, give Major control back. I have nothing to say to you. Nor do I want to see you. " I say.

            " Izzy please. I overeacted, but Izzy, I love you. I always will. Nothing can change that. I just got mad you didn't tell me. I shouldn't have yelled. Izzy, please, I'm so sorry. I- I didn't mean to." He said.

           I can't stay mad at him forever. Well, I can, but I wont. " Fine. I'm sorry to. I shouldn't have kept it from you, I I j-" " Izzy, I love you. Don't ever think something will change that. Just don't ever keep anything from me again" he said.

         Now would be a good time to tell him. " Jasper, there's something I have to tell you-" and I drop my appearance.

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