Chapter 3

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Jaspers pov

         After we knock, Carlisle comes to the door. " Jasper, you didn't return home last night?" " I'll explain later, Carlisle, meet Izzy" I said.

         " Hello, I'm Carlisle" he said, shaking her hand. I growl lowly, but loud enough for him to hear. We walk in and Noone recognizes Izzy. " Um, Jasper, who's she"

      " It's Izzy." I tell them " Um, no. That's not Izzy" Emmet said " Yes, I'm Izzy" I said. " okkkkkk" Emmet said turning back to the T.V

        " Um, Izzy would you like something to eat" Esme asks her " Sure, I would love something to eat" she said. Esme cooked her something and Izzy sat down to eat.

       She offered me some and I took it. Carlisle looked at me weird. " Ym, we don't want to be rude, but we ate earlier" Esme said

      " It's fine, I know you guys don't eat" Izzy said Carlisle eyes got big. She finished and went into the living room. " Um, Izzy, how do you know we don't eat" Carlisle asks

        " I just do." She said. She sat down by Emmet. I sat down by her and pulled her into my lap. " No, I'm not crazy Carlisle" Izzy said

       " I didn't say anything" Carlisle said " I know. You thought it" she said, taping her head. Realization went through Emmet. He smiled.

           " Hey, Izzy, wanna fight" Emmet aks. " Uh, that wouldn't be a good idea" Esme said " Why, I'm just as strong as he is" Izzy said.

       They got into posution to arm wresstle. They started and it took a while, but Izzy won. Carlisle reaction was priceless. " Ok, I'm don't with the games. What's going on?" He asked

         " You'll have to guess papa Vamp" she said smirking " How do you know we're vampires?" Carlisle asked " How do you know I know about vampires. Cause if I didn't know, I would now know because you didn't truly know that I knew" Izzy said

         Carlisle was just staring at her. Me,Em, and Izzy feel down laughing. " Ok, everyone close you eyes, and I'll tell you" Izzy said. Everyone closed their eyes " Open" she said

       When we opened she was back to her normal self, minus the red eyes. " How"  Carlisle asked, dumbfounded. " I can copy others power. One is to change my appearance, and others if I want to. And to give, and have, any human trait" Izzy said

          " So, you have multiple powers?" Carlisle asks her " Yeah, the volturi have been on me for quite sometime now. I always turn them down though" she said. "Would you please tell us them all?" Carlisle asked. She nodded her head.

        " I have the two I mentioned, I have a physical and mental shield, I know shit" I light at this cause of Peter " he still says it isn't a gift" she says

          "Pain illusion, sense deprivation, seeing, power recognition, electric shocking, power giving, memory transferral, elemental manipulation, tactile telepathy,
Telekinesis, chronokanisis, Astral projection, atmokiness, teckokinisis, cryokineses, hemokinesis, and metomorhpisis. Also all of yours" she said.

          " Where did you get so many?" Carlisle asked. Izzy tensed uo and looked away. " I'd rather not say" she said. Carlisle nodded his head. " It's also started to develop to where I can copy salents. Like I've gotten a few. Edwards enhanced speed and Emmet enhanced strength. It's only the small ones though" she said

        " Awesome! My sister's such a badass!" Emmet yelled. Wait, did he say sister? " Yes he did Jasper" Izzy said at the same time as Edward.

        We sat there talking, and they kept asking Izzy to show the one of her powers. Then Izzys phone rang. She answered " Hello"....." Yes, dad I'm fine"....... " I'll be home sometime later"....... " Yes, I'm fine!".... " ok, bye"

          " Who was that?" Edward asked " My dad" she said. " Is he?" " Yes, he is" " Did he change you?" " No, he didn't" Izzy said, tensing up.

          " Why do you keep putting your shield up when someone mentions something like that" Edward asks " I don't want to talk about it" she said.

        She was leaning into me. She started to fall asleep, and when she did, she let her appearance slip. She had been covering the scars, but it went away.

            Everyone gasped " What happened" Catlike asked " She'll tell you when she's ready" I told them. She woke up breathing really hard. When she did, her eyes where red.


   everyone gasped.  " Izzy? You ok" I ask " Yeah, I'm fine" she said. She saw everyone looking at her. She looked down and saw that her appearance had slipped.

         " Damnit, um, I guess I should tell you my story now" she said " Izzy, you don't have to" Esme said " It's fine" she said.

         She continued to tell them about her time in Marias army. Alice knew, but she was the only one, that I had been there. Emmet looked like he was about to kill someone " That's where I got most of the powers" she said

        " Izzy, I'm so sorry you had to go through that" Esme said. " It's fine. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that" " Why are your eyes red?" Carlisle asked her.

       " Because I drink human blood?" She said as if it was obvious. " I've been meaning to asl, why aren't yours?" She asked. " Because we drink animal blood instead" Edward told her.

       " What? But, huh?" She said confised. " Vampires can live off of animal blood." Carlisle said. " Oh" she said. She looks at her phone. " Uh, I better go home now" Izzy said.

       She got up " Bye, thank you for having me" she said " Anytime Izzy, your family" Esme said. Izzy went to leave and I went to follow her, but I looked back at everyone.

         They just nodded they're head. I ran after Izzy and got in the car. We drove back to her house. When we got there, Peter started flipping out.

       " Dad, calm down!" Izzy said, calming him down. He finally calmed down. We went up to Izzys room. " Is it true? Can vampires live like that?" She aked.

       " Yes. I started when i met Alice. " i said. " Can I? I hate killing people. Its wrong" she said. " Yes. But it is a hard transition. " i told her. She nodded her head and layed down and fell asleep.

     " Jasper!" Peter called I ran downstairs " Yeah?" " There's something I have to tell you" he said.



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