Chapter 11

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Jaspers POV

It's been 2 weeks since the incident with the Volturi, and lately, nothing has happened.

Izzy has been doing.... better... with the animal diet. Peter wasn't all that happy at first, but he got over it.

Today was the first day we have let Izzy go back to school. She was still upstairs getting ready. " Izzy! Hurry up or we will be late!" I hollered.

She came running down the stairs. " I'm done" she said grabbing her bag. Peter and Char came in " Have a good day sweetie." Char said hugging her.

We head out to the garage and get in her car. We head to school and park by Edward. I look over and notice they aren't there. They must've headed to class.

" Stay here" I tell Izzy. I get out and walk over to her door. It opens and when she gets out I put my arm around her.

She breathes in. I watch her closely. " I'm fime" she says in a strained voice. We continue to class. We sit down. Izzy looks down and grips the side of the desk.

" I never had a problem until know" she murmers. " It's gonna be ok. It gets better. It's been 50 years and I'm still not great" I told her.

Through class we talk through her head. The bell rang and we got up to go to our next class. The same through those, and then we have lunch.

When we get there, my family is looking at us. Izzy stops and grips my shoulder. " Izzy? What's wrong?" I asked her. " I don't know. I was doing fine and then it just got 4 times worse" she said.

Why would it get worse? " why? Is there to msny oeople? Do we need to leave?" I ask

" No, it's, it's well, hard to explain. I'm doing fine with the thirst, but I, you know how we feel emotions?" She asks. I nod my head.

" And when it's to much of one it starts to affect us" she said
I nod my head again. What is she getting at?

" It's like that. It's not my own." She said. It took me a minute, but I got it. The others, they had bloodlust. It was an emotion.

That's why it all of a sudden got worse. " Do we need to leave?" I asked. " No, I have an idea" she said.

All of a sudden, my thirst got way better. " How'd you do that" I ask her.

" I stretched the shield around us, blocking emotions" she said. We continued to the table.

     When we sat down, everyone asked us what happened. Izzy explained. " That's why you always had such a problem" Alice said.

      I nodded my head.  Just then, six people walked in. We all looked at them. There where 3 boys, and 3 girls.

           They where all vampires. Izzy gasped. I turned my head. " Izzy, you ok? What's wrong?" I asked her.

         " Nothing, I just got a rush of powers." She said " What are they?" Emmet asked.

        " Um, well, one of them is a copy cat to. Pyrokinesis, phsycometry, healing, technopathy, and animition is the others." She said.

        " And what do those do?" Emmet asked " pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire. Phsycometry is where I'm able to touch an object and learn things about the owner of it. Helaing, well that's obvious. Technopathy is where I can control technology. And animition, I can make anything that doesn't move, move" she said.

        We all look back to them. One girl stops and grab another boys hand. He looks at her and starts talking. " Baby, what's wrong?" He says.

          " I-i don't know. I just got, there are so many" she said. " So many what Kenzie?" He asked. " So many powers" she said.

       Shit! They'll figure us out. I look back to the rest of us and notice Alice and Edward staring at two of the people.

              They start looking around and then there eyes land on us. They widen. They head to a table and all sit down.

           They look like they are talking, but they aren't saying anything. I look at Izzy. " I'm not getting anything. She has a shield." She said. Well damn.

          What the hell we gonna do now?

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