Chapter 5

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Izzys pov

         Why? Why would that do that? I though they loved me? I didn't know Em and Rose all that much, but Dad, Mom, Jasper?

        Why? Where would I go now? THE VOLTURI! They would take me! I run to the airport, and buy a ticket to Italy. I get on the plane and sit there, listening to music.

       The plane lands and I get up and walk out. I run straight out since I don't have any bags. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to Volterra.

         I put on my human appearance. I walk up to the desk at the Volturi castle. " I would like to see Aro" I said. The lady looked confused. " Uh, well, he's busy" " Now" I demand.

      Her eyes glaze over. She gets up and leads me to the throne room. When I get there, I walk up to Aro.

       " Heidi, why did you bring a human?" He asks the lady. " Uh, I don't really know" she said. He waved his hand and she ran off.

           He looked at me " Well, what do we have here?" He asked I just stood there. He looked at a small girl " Jane" he said. She smirked and looked at me.

       " Pain." She said. I just stood there. Oh, it's the pain girl. I decide to play with them " Oh, I'm supposed to be writhing in pain right now, right?" I ask.

          They all look at me " Felix" he said. I put up my shield. He came running at me but bounced off of it. I decide to lose the facade. I remove my appearance.

       Everyone gasps " Izzabell Whitlock" Aro said. He beckoned to me. I gave him my hand, and he got nothing. He smiled. " And why are you here" he asked.

       I took down my shield and gave him my hand again. " I am sorry Izzabell. You know you always have a spot here at the Volturi" he said " I know, that's why I'm here." I said.

        He smiled " Jane? Will you show Izzy to her room. Wait? I would like to know all of your powers" he said.

      I gave him my hand. He nodded his head. I walked off with Jane. We got to a room " This is you're room, my in to the right, Alecs is to to the left. It's nice to meet you Izzabell"

      " You to Jane, and please call me Izzy" " Ok Izzy, I hope we can be great friends" she said " Me too" I walked into my room. It was huge!

        I sit on the bed and think about.....them. Why would they do it? It doesn't matter. They don't love me. They never did.

         I start to feel this burning in my chest. I don't know what it is. I start to feel a little dizzy. I close my eyes and when I open them, I'm 5 feet off the ground.

           I keep going up, and this light starts coming from me. Then, it gets smaller. It floats to my desk and explodes. I close my eyes.

        I look where it was, and see a necklace. It has a jewel. When I touch it, it glows. I put it on and a ball of light comes out of it. It starts to slowly float away.

       I follow ot, and when I touch it, I'm teleported somewhere. I open my eyes and see the place I did NOT want to see.

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