Chapter 2

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Jaspers pov

I showed Izzy the scars I got from the wars, the ones like she had. Her anger spiked, ALOT. Her eyes started to darken and went black.

What the hell!? I look at Peter. " What?" He asked. He walked around and saw her eyes. He gasped. " Does she-" " I don't know. This has never happened before"

" But why. The only person that's supposed to have one is-" my mate. That explains the pull I felt ot her. Why I no longer felt anything for Alice. " Hey fucker, what ya thinking" Peter says

" She's my mate" I whisper
" Took ya long enough. I never liked that pixie" Peter says. I turn back to Izzy " Izzy, Izzy come back" her head snaps to me.

" My names not Izzy" she said " What is it?" I ask " Iz. My names Iz. I'm one of Izzy other half." She said looking at me.

" One of them?" " Yeah, she has one more. So do you. They only come out after we've mated for the first time" Peter growls. " What's her name?" " Isa" she says.

" Iz, can you please let Izzy back?" She nods her head, and her eyes change back to red. " What happened?" Izzy asked looking around.

" Izzy, you know the legends of the major I told you when you where little" Peter says. She nods her head " Well they weren't legends. Jasper is the Major, or the god of war. And your his mate. You have another siee, just like he does" Peter says.

She looks at me, and I see a little sparkle in her eye. I feel love coming from her. She leans in and kisses me. Peter starts growling like crazy.

" Come on Pete, let's give them they're space" Char said. I hear them walk off. I put my hand behind her neck and one on her waist. I pull her closer to me.

She puts her hands on my neck. She leans forward, pushing me back. She climbs on top of me. I pick her up and run to where she said her room was.

I lay her on her bed. She wraps her legs around my waist, pulling me into her closer. I flip is over so I'm on top. She moves her hands down to my waist.

She puts them at the hem of my shirt and starts to pull it off. I take hers off to. I start kissing her down her jawline, then down her neck. I start suckling on her neck.

" Mm, Jasper" she moans. When she says my name, I start radiating list my accident. I pull my jeans off, then start to take hers off. When I get them off, I throw them down.

I look at her underwear and see how wet she is. I growl in lust. I look back at her and her eyes are black with Lust. I'm sure mine are to. There's a difference between this and Iz.

There's a small speck of gold with Iz. I start kissing her again. She puts her hands on my waist. Then she starts to put them in my boxers. She pulls them off, and I rip her underwear off.

I look at her to make sure it's ok. She nods her head. I push into her and she starts moaning. " Mmm, god, Jasper" she said. She starting moaning.

I start pushing in her more. I start to thrust in and out " Mm, faster Jasper" she moans. I start going faster. She arches her back, making me push further in.

" Fuckkkk, Jasper I'm gonna cum" she moans. "Do it" I say. As soon as she does, I do to. We soon, both hit climax. She screams and I groan. We fall into the bed.

I pull out and she cuddles into me. She looks up at me and starts kissing me again. I trail down to her neck again. I start suckling and she starts moaning. When I hit one spot, she starts moaning more.

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