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Anastasia Cullen (Jaspers little mate) by Ariana_stories07
Anastasia Cullen (Jaspers little Ariana_stories07
Carlisle and Esme were out hunting when they heard a babies cry. Esme rushed towards the sound and saw a beautiful baby girl. Carlisle and Esme decided to keep her and t...
Twilight Moon - Poly Story  by avnerno1230
Twilight Moon - Poly Story by avnerno1230
Everlyn Swan, always had a connection with nature and a complicated relationship with her mom and sister. The one thing she always wanted was to live with her dad at For...
My Major by Always-yours-XO
My Majorby Always-yours-XO
What if Bella wasn't Edwards mate, what if she was Jaspers? What if this was the only way that Alice saw that it could happen? What if 4/7 Cullen's stayed behind? What...
Porsche's love  by Sky7285
Porsche's love by Sky
They hated Porsche, he was left alone. Now they want him back but he gave up on them. He doesn't wanna look at them. They accused him cheating. May contain mature conte...
RWBY: Heroes United by Toy2711
RWBY: Heroes Unitedby Toy2711
Ben 10, wielder of the Ultimatrix, has gone on some crazy adventures including traveling to a parallel universe (Generator Rex). But this one has got to be his craziest...
Have I forgotten how to love; remind me once again by harrystylesisgod24
Have I forgotten how to love; harrystylesisgod24
After a serious accident, Harry suffers from a case of retrograde amnesia where he hasn't only forgotten the fact that he is a part of the world-famous band, One Directi...
Tough Love (ManXMan) by ShadowQueen45
Tough Love (ManXMan)by I❤️Pizza
A military love based story. Roman Butler is an Army Captain embarking on the most dangerous and probably the last mission of his life. Mishaps do happen, good or bad y...
Danganronpa 2: ReCaptured by Creepercraftguy
Danganronpa 2: ReCapturedby Creepercraftguy
What would it be like in a world where the killing game went differently? What would it be like if different people lived and different people died? What would it be lik...
{kagehina} he smelled like oranges  by ma3isa
{kagehina} he smelled like oranges by mae
❗ I AM NOT THE ORIGNAL AUTHOR OF THIS FANFICTION. ALL CREDIT GOES TO @currentlydissociating ON ❗ Kageyama and Hinata have been dating for a few mont...
Mister Major Hale [ DISCONTINUED ] by MalachiteMoon
Mister Major Hale [ DISCONTINUED ]by Malachi Moon
DISCONTINUED!!! WILL NO LONGER UPDATE Jasper x Oc {Age-regression} Bella's younger sister, Lyra, is a little, Bella hates it. Their mom always gave Lyra more attention...
The sun is setting! by holleyjolly101
The sun is setting!by holly
In 1877 Fraser MacAulay was bitten by a vampire while hunting in the woods. After that, he went missing without a word to anyone. The story of a Scottish pagan and how h...
Play Me a Song by ZitaRiks
Play Me a Songby ZitaRiks
"What is it?" Aeson frowns, catching me staring. "Nothing," I chuckle embarrassed, "I was just trying to think about something to start a conver...
Marked (BokuAka) by BaileyTheBookerfly
Marked (BokuAka)by Bailey The Bookerfly
Bokuto never thought he had a soulmate, and he was okay with it. Well, he was mostly okay with it. Like, 50% okay. He didn't mind that no markings would ever grace his s...
GENERAL NASEER  ZAKI (Book 1) by Azizat_Hamza
GENERAL NASEER ZAKI (Book 1)by Azizat Hamza
When a wounded soldier falls in love... Naseer Zaki Soja ne sa mazaje gudu. Aikin Soja a jininsa ya ke. Bashi da tsoro. Idan maƙiya suka yi gamo da shi sai su hau kakkar...
hidden war by upekshaMaya
hidden warby upeksha Maya
මතක තියාගන්න. හැමදේම පටන්ගන්නෙ අවසානයෙන් කියලා
✗ Scorched ✗ {J.HALE} by seracc
✗ Scorched ✗ {J.HALE}by 𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗
"SOME COWBOYS HAVE TO MUCH TUMBLEWEED IN THEIR BLOOD TO SETTLE DOWN" or in which Bella's ex boyfriend decides to...
Major Izzy by KenzieP15
Major Izzyby Makenzie
Izzy was turned at age 17. 50 years later she met Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. They have been like her parents since she meet them. They move to Forks Washington. What...
You should be Lucky - Trea Turner by turnerhourly
You should be Lucky - Trea Turnerby Lizzie
"Love is so short, forgetting is so long" - Pablo Neruda ・❥・ Will Elizabeth and Trea be able to stick together to get through it all, or will they slip from e...
Roommates (Wolf Star) by loveiscrazy456
Roommates (Wolf Star)by Artimes
wolfstsr fiction muggle au college au friends to lovers slow burn
Alucard x reader- Ancient Creatures (on Hiatus) by Lady-Amathyst
Alucard x reader- Ancient Lady-Amathyst
(Y/N) lived a solitary life, attempting to live peacefully amongst humans. But when she meets Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing organisation how will that change. Wha...