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Izzy POV

     It had been a month since we found out I was pregnant.  Carlisle hasn't found the reason yet, and has almost given up. He ran his last test yesterday, but no results yet. What we have figured out is that this baby progresses way faster than a normal baby. I am already about 8 months in, if it was normal anyways.

       I am laying on the couch, looking around. Jasper walks in and sits down by me, a cup in his hand. He hands it to me and I smile " Thanks" I said as I took a drink, sighing as I felt the warm blood flow down my throat. " No problem. How do you feel?" He asked, wrapping an arm around me as he kissed my forehead. 

      " Fine. The baby won't stop moving around" I said with a small laugh, laying my head on his shoulder and leaning into him. " Has Carlisle given an exact date of when your supposed to have the baby?" he asked " He said about a week left. But you never know. It should be soon" I said. 

       Just then, everyone else walked in and sat down. I looked around at everyone. Since there arrival, the Evans have become almost like family. Felica sat in Edwards lap and Carson had Alice pulled close. The others weren't there. After a few minutes, I stood up. " I'm gonna go take a shower" I said, everyone nodded. I turned and walked up the stairs. When I got up them I walked to our bedroom and to the dresser

        I opened it and leaned down, reaching for the clothes. As I leaned down I felt a crack and heard a popping sound as a searing pain shot through my back. My eyes widened as I screamed in pain, starting to fall to the ground. Before I hit it, I feel someones arms wrap around me. I hear talking but its faded. She looked around and saw she was moving. After a bit, she was in a clear white room.

     The room they had set up for for this.  I saw Jasper above me, the look on his face frantic. I could see him talking, but I couldn't hear it. All I heard was a loud ringing noise. I saw everyone leave the room, except Carlisle and Jasper.

    I felt something, a needle I'm guessing, push through my skin. I felt a cold liquid flow in, spreading. The pain died down slightly, but not much. Not much at all.



              I looked at her, laying on the bed as Carlisle gave her some morphine " Are you sure you can do this?" Carlisle asked. I nodded my head as he took the scalpel, pressing it to her stomach. I watched as it cut into her, gulping slightly as I saw a trickle of blood. Since she didn't have her shield up, the bloodlust was as bad as ever. But I wasn't leaving. I couldn't. 

       Izzy screamed out and I instinctively grabbed her hand, squeezing it slightly. I tried taking some of the pain away, wincing slightly as it flooded into me. The it stopped. She put her shield up. I tried pushing through but couldn't.

     I looked at Carlisle who was started to pull the baby out. I looked at him, my hand still in hers. After another minute or two, he had the baby out. " It's a girl" Carlisle said. I smiled slightly as he did. He then turned back and started doing something "Carlisle?" "There's another. She had Twins" He said

     MY eyes widend slightly. Twins?!

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