Chapter 13

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Izzys pov

         We are headed to lunch and getting ready to invite the other... vamps.. to our house.

       Alice invited them to eat with us at lunch.  We all sat down and then they walked up. Edward and Alice where staring at two of them.

       All of them except Carson and Felica looked like they where together. And all though Jasper is my mate and very good looking, I had to say Ruston did look pretty hot.

     " Um hi. Thanks for um, letting us eat with you. We don't really know anyone and it's good knowing there's another big adopted family" Makenzie said.

          " It's fine. It's good to know we are finally not the only one to" Emmet said. They all sat down. They all started eating except Carson and Felica

          I stretched my shield around us and we started eating. Now that I was up close and paying attention, I realized that something was different.

         How could I have not noticed this before! All except Carson and Felica had a heartbeat. And Makenzie and Zack smelled a little off.

          " Soo, are parents where wondering if you wanted to come over today?" Emmet said. " Um, we will have to ask our parents" Makenzie said.

        " So, how did you all end up adopted?" Zack asked. " um, well Edward was the first adopted. His parents died due to health issues. Next was Emmet. His parents died due to the flu. Rosalie and I where adopted next. We are both twins. Our parents died in a car crash. Lastly was Alice, who's parents put her up for adoption." Jasper said.

        " What about you?" Alyssa asked looking at me. " Oh I'm not adopted. I'm just Jaspers girlfriend" I said.

        The bell rang. " Uh, we will talk to our parents about it. Thanks for the invite" Makenzie said. We all got up and we headed to our classes.

       When it was over we headed to our next. It flew by and we went to our cars. " Um, our dad actually talked to yours about it at the hospital. He said it was alright." Makenzie came up to us and said.

        " Great, so do you need to follow us or..." Alice said " No thanks. Your dad gave ours the address. We will see you there" Makenzie said. They walked off to there cars.

     We all got in ours and headed to the house. When we got there, we helped Esme make food.

          She said she was only doing it to look like a good hostess, and she didn't want to seem rude.

         After awhile, the door bell rang. We all stood by as Carlisle opened it. " Hello Dr.Evans, thank you for coming. And you must be Mrs.Evans" Carlisle said.

          " Please, call us Kirby and Kendra. And might I say what a beautiful home this is" Kendra said.

        " Why thank you, I designed it myself" Esme said. They all came in. " I would like to introduce you to my children. This is Rosalie and Emmet. Then Edward, Alice and Jasper. And then this is Izzabell, Jaspers girlfriend" he said introducing us.

         " Nice to meet you all. This is my children, Zack and Makenzie who are twins. And then Ruston and Alyssa who are also twins. And then Carson and Felica." Kirby introduced them.

        " So, what brings you to Forks?" Esme asked. " We just decided to move and we thought this would be a nice change of scenery" Kirby says.

       Damn he's pretty hot I hear alice. Which one? I ask her. Carson. She said. I think Ruston is pretty cute. " me to" Alice said. Everyone looked at her.

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