Chapter 18

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Izzys pov

We are now headed home. We just finished packing up. Jasper wanted to go early because I have been sick the entire time.

I've been sleepy, throwing up, and having weird cravings. Epically potatoes. Anything with potatoes. It's weird.

We took the card back to the desk and then went into a closet. " Ready?" I ask. He nods his head. I teleport us back to the house.

All I thought was house, not where. So it really suprised me when we showed up in Emmet and Roses room.

And dear God I wish I would've specified where. " Gahhh!!! We don't need to see that!" I yelled, covering my eyes. They both jumped.

" Izzy!" They yelled, pulling the covers over them. " Yep! I'm leaving now" I said walking out.

Everyone came running up. " IZZABELL WHITLOCK! YOU ARE IN SOME DEEP SHIT!" Dad yelled. I knew this was coming. He came running up.

" WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU!? AND WHY THE HE'LL DID YOU NOT ANSWER ANY OF MY CALLS?! AND YOU!" He turned to Jasper and grabbed his shirr, pushing him against the wall.


Iz'z pov

I'd had enough. I broke out and shoved him against the wall, pinning him to it. " Finish that sentence. I dare you" I growled at him.

His eyes widened. He shrank back " Not so big now, are ya? I've told you once before, and I'm telling you again, if you EVER touch him, I will kill you. I don't give a fuck who you are. Do. NOT! Touch. My. MATE!" I growled at him.

I turned around and went back to Jaspers arms. I let Izzy back out.

Izzy pov

I looked around and saw everyone's expression. I felt fear coming off them. " I'm sorry. I tried to control her b-" " Izzy, it's fine. It's not you fault" Jasper said, nuzzling my neck.

Just then I started to fell sick again. I ran to the bathroom and Jasper was there holding my hair back.

When I had finished, I flushed the toilet and got a cup, taking a drink. " You ok?" Jasper asked " Yeah, I'm fine. We might need Carlisle to check me" I said

Just then Carlisle came in. " Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded my head " Yeah, uh, I just felt sick" I said.

" But vampires don't get sick. Izzy, are you sure your ok" " No, I'm not sure. I've been getting hungry, and sleepy. And I've been getting sick" I told him.

" Come with me" he said, turning to leave. I got up and Jasper helped me. I followed him. He brought us to the medical room.

I later on the bed and he brought out a machine. He pulled my shirt up and put something on my stomach.

He turned the machine on and got a stick, putting in on my stomach. " Carlisle, what's wrong?" Jasper asks. I feel confusion coming off him.

" This can't be possible" he mumbled. " Carlisle" Jasper said, more stern this time. He turned to us. " She's pregnant"

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