Chapter 22

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Izzy's POV

1 week later

I was laying on the couch, curled into Jasper with Jasmine in my arms. Jasper had Jaxon in his other arm as one was around me. I smiled softly down at Jasmine. She shifted slightly in her sleep, a small wine escaping her lips.

      My smile widened slightly as she did, Jasper kissing my head softly. " I love you..." He mumbled, a smile on his face as he looked down at us.

I turned my head to look up at him " I love you to Jas" I told him. I had everything I wanted. The love of my life, two amazing kids, and a family. Nothing could change that. Or so I thought......

I know this was short, but it needed an ending. I will be doing a sequel, and who do think should be with the twins? I'm thinking either Jane and Alec, or Leah and Seth.

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